LaCie I A 360° View of the Great Barrier Reef

Some say that 360 video is a bit like 3D TV – a solution looking for a problem. Well, we have been playing with 360- video for a while now with a superb Ricoh Theta V and the new impressive VUZE XR cameras (we LOVE the Ricoh optics as you’d expect by the way) and we reckon that given the right subject matter, 360 degree video definitely has a place.

Yesterday LaCie / Segate told us of a project they are helping with involving the health of the Great Barrier Reef, a subject close to Aussie’s hearts especially of late, and this turns out to be the perfect foil for VR.

To quote LaCie …

LaCie was excited when offered the chance to support the Great Barrier Reef Legacy during an important expedition. We dished out the data storage—and they discovered the first new coral species in 30 years, along with the first definitive ‘Super Coral’ species. Dr. Miller told us one of the goals of their trip was to get the world’s very first 360° footage of coral spawning and it worked! Using your finger or cursor, explore this incredible underwater scene for yourself.”

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