Latest Canon Ambassador Project Announced: Coastal – If Not Here, Then Where?

Yes, yes I know. We are called “Australian Videocamera” not “Australian Photography”, but in many ways the same skills apply in terms of composition, lighting and so on. Because of this if we come across an article of interest then course we will publish it. And there are no better photographers in Australia than those who have become Canon ambassadors. And apart from that this particular exhibition is in my home state of Western Australia in beautiful Fremantle.

So, if you can go and have a look at it. And be inspired.

Today, in partnership with Canon Australia, James Simmons launches his latest project; Coastal – If Not Here, Then Where?

James’ latest project sees the renowned photographer step out of his comfort zone as a wedding photographer, to capture a striking image series that focuses on how a person and their dwelling can influence each other. The project was shot in Western Australia’s remote Midwest, including Knobby Head, Post Office Island, and Cliff Head, where a small number of locals have lived in fishing shacks for many years.

Coastal – If Not Here, Then Where? looks at four subjects who live in the area, delving into the local history of the land and sea, and their personal experiences. It explores how they have constructed, furnished, and made a liveable space by the coast.

“This project is like nothing I’ve done before, and one that brings its own sense of nostalgia for me. I drove past the shacks, and this stretch of land, when I was in high school and they reminded me of the cubbies my friends and I built in the bush. For this project, I wanted to showcase these shacks and the locals that almost feel forgotten, and highlight how they can affect one another.”

James is one of Canon Australia’s newly announced Ambassadors to release his own unique work. Other Ambassadors include Jarrad Seng, Kate Cornish, Bonnie Cee, and Alisha Lovrich.

James’ project is one of many to be showcased in an exhibition, taking place in Fremantle, Western Australia from 14th – 24th May. ‘I HAVE QUESTIONS’ is a group exhibition centred around professional wedding photographers stepping out of their comfort zones to develop their own passion projects. More details are available here.


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