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Avid Introduces All-New Media Composer

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) today announced Media Composer®, its flagship video editing system, has been redesigned and reimagined for today’s—and tomorrow’s—generation of media makers. Unveiled at Connect 2019, the industry’s most powerful gathering of media and entertainment users, the all-new Media Composer 2019 will be in the spotlight starting Monday, April 8 at the NAB Show in Avid’s booth (#SU801).

Read all of the Avid news from Connect 2019 and NAB at the Avid Newsroom.

With Media Composer 2019, aspiring and professional editors, freelancers and journalists will be inspired to work more creatively by taking advantage of a new user experience, a next generation Avid media engine with distributed processing, finishing and delivering capabilities, a customisable role-based user interface for large teams, and so much more.

“After receiving input from hundreds of editors and teams across the media industry, and knowing where the industry is headed, we reimagined Media Composer, the product that created the nonlinear video editing category and remains the gold standard,” said Jeff Rosica, CEO and President at Avid. “Media Composer 2019 is both evolutionary and revolutionary. It maintains what long-time users know and love while giving them more of what they need today—and what they will need tomorrow.”

Media Composer 2019

With Media Composer 2019, an editor can go from first cut to delivery without ever leaving the application. Whether they are a professional editor, freelancer or someone just starting out, Media Composer 2019 inspires creative storytelling.

  • New User Experience—makers can work at the speed of creativity with a paneled interface that reduces clutter, reimagined bins to find media faster, and task-based workspaces showing only what the user wants and needs to see.
  • Next Generation Avid Media Engine—puts more power at a user’s fingertips with features, such as native OP1A, support for more video and audio streams, Live Timeline and background rendering, and a distributed processing add-on option to reduce turnaround times and speed up post production.
  • New Finishing and Delivery Workflows—Now, users can create and deliver higher-quality content with editing, effects, colour, audio, and finishing tools without leaving Media Composer. Whether working in 8K, 16K, or HDR, Media Composer’s new built-in 32-bit full float colour pipeline can handle it. Additionally, Avid has been working with OTT content providers to help establish future industry standards.
  • Customisable Toolset—built for large production teams, the new Media Composer | Enterprise provides administrative control to customise the interface for any role in the organisation, whether the user is a craft editor, assistant, logger or journalist. It also offers unparalleled security to lock down content, reducing the chances of unauthorised leaks of sensitive media.

Media Composer | Enterprise 2019

The Media Composer family adds Media Composer | Enterprise for post-production, broadcast, media education and other larger production teams. Media Composer | Enterprise is the industry’s first role-specific video editing and finishing solution. Large production teams now have the ability to customise the interface and tailor workspaces for different job roles, providing end users access only to the tools and functions they need. This capability gives teams better focus so they can complete jobs faster and with fewer mistakes. Media Composer | Enterprise also integrates with Editorial Management 2019 to deliver collaborative workflow innovation for post production and enables creative teams to stay in sync.

Media Composer | Distributed Processing

Avid today also announced Media Composer | Distributed Processing, an add-on option that shortens turnaround times and accelerates post production by sharing the media processing load. Tasks that previously took hours can now be done in minutes, strengthening the competitive edge of post facilities while delivering high-quality programming. Media Composer | Distributed Processing also offloads complex processing tasks when working in today’s emerging high resolution and HDR media-rich worlds.

Media Composer 2019 will be available in late May for all of its versions: Media Composer | First, Media Composer, Media Composer | Ultimate and Media Composer | Enterprise. For a full list of Media Composer features and benefits visit,

New Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces Offers Instant Storage Expansion Securely in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) announced Avid NEXIS® | Cloudspaces, which brings the power of the cloud to Avid NEXIS storage systems.  Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces takes the stress out of media management and storage availability and gives users instant access to more storage when needed.

Unveiled today at Connect 2019, Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces will debut at the NAB Show in Avid’s booth (#SU801), April 8-11.

“Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces brings the power of the cloud to Avid NEXIS, giving organizations a cost-effective and more efficient way to extend Avid NEXIS storage to the cloud for reliable backup and media parking,” said Dana Ruzicka, Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President at Avid. “Working with Microsoft we are offering all Avid NEXIS users a limited-time free offer of 2 terabytes of Microsoft Azure storage that is auto-provisioned for easy setup and as much capacity as you need, when you need it.”

Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces key features and benefits include:

  • Leverage the power of Avid NEXIS – Users can start storing media in the cloud today and benefit from Avid NEXIS’s robust workspace management and user access controls with the flexibility and scale of the cloud.
  • Safely back up or park media – Users can sync or park on-premise Avid NEXIS workspaces to Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces with commonly used media management tools, while optimized media workflows provide organizations with better efficiency and security over risky manual processes.
  • Free up Avid NEXIS storage – Instead of resorting to NAS or external drives when budgets are tight, Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces makes it easy to offload projects and media not currently in production. And, because Avid NEXIS manages cloudspaces alongside workspaces, users can spend less time searching for and wrangling media—giving them more time to create.
  • Get super-simple setup – Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces offers easy activation and auto-provisioning from the Avid NEXIS Management Console, with activation from an Avid Link account, leveraging Avid NEXIS workspace user access controls for end-to-end security.
  • Gain better workflow and cost efficiency – Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces eliminates the time wasted manually shuttling media to and wrangling media from USB drives, so users can keep production moving and easily park projects and media. With a variety of subscription plans available, users can match their storage expense to their business needs.
  • Increase scalability, capacity, and reliability with Microsoft Azure – Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces extends Avid NEXIS storage directly to Microsoft Azure. Now Avid customers can easily benefit from Azure’s hyper-scale storage capacity, global distribution and industry leading storage and networking capabilities.


Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces will be available in April 2019.

Panasonic Bolsters Production Offering At NAB 2019

Panasonic Business has marked the tenth anniversary of its PTZ camera range by unveiling the latest addition to its PTZ lineup at NAB 2019, on a booth designed around seven designated solution areas, focused on broadcast, sports venues, and live production.

On show was the AW-HE42 Full HD remote PTZ camera offering a wide range of interfaces including 3G-SDI, HDMI, IP and Genlock. The HE42 features a wide horizontal viewing angle of 65.1 degrees, a 20X optical zoom, and 30X i.Zoom.

The camera was one of a range of PTZ products featuring NDI|HX support on show.[1]Several demonstrations of the shooting, acquisition, and distribution of videos using remote camera systems were on display on the Panasonic stand, alongside various

applications for the company’s AV-HLC100 live production center.

Panasonic also revealed further information on its 8K ROI (Region Of Interest) multi-camera system (AK-SHB800GJ), which was introduced at IBC 2018. Scheduled for release in July 2019, it features a compact, box-type shape and is equipped with an EF lens mountProviding wide-angle 8K image from a single CMOS image sensor, the camera allows up to four different HD videos to be cropped, panned, tilted, and zoomed individually, reducing the system cost and complexity from four HD cameras to one, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs in live events and sports applications.

In smart studio production, the company presented next-generation studio sub-systems that allow for higher efficiency and labour saving, by automatically tracking performers using the ROI camera and BlackTrax real-time tracking systems, as well as presenting augmented reality (AR) utilising the AW-UE150 4K 50p remote camera, alongside partnerships with Technopoint and Brainstorm.

Panasonic also announced the launch of the ‘P2 Cast on AWS’ workflow, alongside the development of a new P2 4K camera recorder, and P2 MXF recording compatibility for the newly launched AG-CX350 handheld camera recorder, all expected this year. Trial operation together with EDIUS Cloud (Grass Valley) on AWS has already commenced, and preparations are being made to roll out the service within 2019.

In the live production area, Panasonic displayed shooting solutions for live operation across a variety of scenarios, including a demonstration of 4K wireless transmission through linkage with other companies. In addition, Panasonic announced the development of a new-concept of broadcast switcher. The Live Production Suite (LPS), which is compatible with 4K images and IP transmission, offers flexibility and scalability to construct a system according to user needs. Media over IP (MoIP) frees users from the usual restrictions of transmission distances by using an IT infrastructure, so that it’s possible to operate remotely from a broadcasting station without using a local studio or outside broadcast van.

Sivashankar Kuppusamy, Marketing Manager Broadcast & ProAV EMEA at Panasonic commented, “Panasonic leads the market in PTZ, so it’s exciting to be able to demonstrate the latest technological advances in the range at NAB. The AW-HE42 provides the highest quality video, precise control and movement that our customers are demanding for their productions.

“We are very excited by the new Live Production Suite, which we think can help strengthen Panasonic’s quickly growing presence in sports and studio broadcasting. This product has the capability to make significant improvements to the ease and efficiency with which broadcasters can produce outside broadcasts of all types.”

[1] NDI|HX* support requires a license purchase from NewTek, Inc.

At NAB 2019, Sony Unveils Products, Solutions and Workflows That Are “Powering Today and Transforming Tomorrow”   

At NAB Show 2019, Sony is showcasing new solutions developed and designed collaboratively alongside media customers to creatively and cost-effectively bring their vision to life.  From broadcast and sports to faith and content creation, Sony is championing the latest technology with the tools and support that empowers professionals. The most recent example is Sony’s newly announced HDC-5500 4K/HD HDR live camera system.

As the media industry undergoes a transformation, visitors to Sony Booth C11001 will see a focus on two core areas – content value and workflow efficiency. Content value will be demonstrated through 4K, 8K, high dynamic range (HDR) and high frame rate (HFR) technology, which supports the creation of valued and engaging assets.  IP and media services offer workflow efficiencies that support interoperability, drive flexibility, provide automation, enhance collaboration and empower global distribution. Together, these solutions enhance creativity and increase options to professionals.

“To meet our clients’ imminent demands during this time of significant change, our mission and guiding principle is to work hand-in-hand with our customers to create compelling solutions,” said Anthony Kable, Content Creation Group Manager, Sony Australia. “Our new tag line for Sony professional business is ‘Live Your Vision’. This demonstrates in media industry, the company’s commitment to working closely with creators to inspire and enable them to enrich their storytelling capabilities. Based on this vision, we are ‘Powering Today, Transforming Tomorrow,’ which is our theme for NAB 2019.”

Crystal LED Display System – “Seeing is Believing”

The heart of the booth will once again be Sony’s Crystal LED display system. It will showcase immersive 8K x 4K imagery that proves “seeing is believing”, and demonstrates why leading broadcast and advanced companies have standardised on this dynamic visual experience for their most prominent spaces.

Intelligent Media Services – Transforming Operations

Sony’s Intelligent Media Services transform traditional media chains, unlock more value for richer audience engagement, and provide OTT subscription services for additional digital and linear revenue streams by cloud collaboration, AI, IP, data analytics and software automation capabilities. This NAB, Intelligent Media Services will be shown in a variety of workflows of broadcast operations, as well as Sports and Production workflows.

  • Ci Media Cloud

Integrated AI capabilities supporting object recognition, speech-to-text and facial detection in Sony’s Ci Media Cloud to improve discoverability, searchability and provide enhanced transcription. Ci also offers live contribution, streaming and clipping for capturing and watching live streams anywhere. 

  • Crispin Automation

Crispin’s LoadingDock and FARlink software provide stations with the ability to aggregate program and commercial content from various locations in the cloud and on-premise (on-prem) by using a centralised solution. Combining Crispin’s traffic interface and FARlink integration with Sony Ci, station groups can manage and execute playback of all their content from the cloud.

  • Media Backbone NavigatorX

Sony’s Media Backbone NavigatorX is a content and workflow management solution for on-prem, hybrid, and cloud configurations. New features include native support for additional professional formats such as R3D, DNG, DPX, and EPS. 

  • XDCAM air

XDCAM air is the cloud-based service that bridges field-based camcorders with facilities. XDCAM air, when integrated with Media Backbone Hive, Media Backbone NavigatorX and 3rd-party systems, provides streamlined acquisition workflows. New features include support for audio intercom functionality, HEVC (H.265) streaming, and multi-point distribution streaming.

  • Media Backbone Hive

Media Backbone Hive is an integrated news & sports production system, streamlining production workflows from planning to archive. New features include ST2110 ingest and playout, XDCAM air live-stream and file-based workflow integration.

Live Production- Endless challenge for quality and efficiency

  • 4K/HD HDR live camera system

Sony’s new HDC-5500 is a new multi-format live camera capable of direct 4K signal output in 12G-SDI carrying the world’s first 2/3-inch 4K global shutter three CMOS sensor that ensures superb image quality in HD, 4K and HDR live production. Used with the new HDCU-5500 camera control unit (CCU), the pair offers Ultra High Bitrate (UHB) transmission that transmits 2 channels of 4K signals at a time, without base band processor unit. The new CCU provides both 12G-SDI 4K output interface and IP interfaces, SMPTE ST 2110 and NMOS IS-04/05 by hardware option. The HDC-5500 camera system responds to the needs of 4K, HDR, HFR, IP and wireless in live production and provides flexible and cost- effective paths for broadcasters to upgrade from the current systems.

  • Live Element Orchestrator and new SDI-IP Converter Boards

Sony is enhancing its IP Live Production Solutions with Live Element Orchestrator, its first system orchestration software to increase the performance and utilisation of resources, as well as to reduce the system downtime, further improving productivity in content production. Resources can be shared across multiple locations and configurations. Two new SDI-IP converter boards, the NXLK-IP50Y and NXLK-IP51Y (12G-SDI), offer support for SMPTE ST 2110 standards with HDR compatibility. At Sony’s booth, visitors can see a complete complement of IP Live production products supporting SMPTE ST 2110 in HD and 4K.  In addition, Sony’s booth will be connected with eSports Arena located at the Luxor Hotel, with network provided by CenturyLink, for remote production demonstration over SMPTE ST 2110 using Live Element Orchestrator. 

  • DWX Digital Wireless receiver

Quality and efficiency are significant not only in video but also in audio. DWX series digital wireless microphone system are used for various productions including live, broadcast, theatres and events. The DWR-R03D 2-channel digital wireless receiver is adding new features via a firmware upgrade. Updates include an auto frequency change mode to prevent audio drop outs, an auto channel coordination for easy and simple channel setting, an output swap function, a graphical spectrum analyser that shows the interference visually, and CODEC MODE4 for better sound quality.

Cinema, CM and Program productions- Toward maximum creative freedom

  • VENICE, Digital Cinema motion picture camera system

Designed exclusively for high-end cinematography, VENICE continues to deliver not only exceptional images but also complete flexibility, creative freedom and its established workflow to match filmmaker’s shooting requirements. VENICE is chosen as the principal photography for Sony Pictures Bad Boys for Life starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, and Peter Rabbit 2 releasing in 2020.

Newly released version 3.0 software adds two new imager modes: 5.7K 16:9 and 6K (full-width) 2.39:1, as well as X-OCN XT and Cache REC. Version 3.0 software also enables the use of Sony’s new portable and lightweight CBK-3610XS Extension System, allowing the VENICE camera body and image sensor block to be separated via cable.

In addition, the recently announced firmware version 4.0 adds HFR shooting of 4K 120fps and 6K 60fps with an optional license. Version 4.0 Firmware is planned to be available in June. 

  • BVM-HX310, 31-inch Grade 1 reference monitor

Announced at IBC last year, Sony will showcase the BVM-HX310 for the first time at NAB.  Ideal for 4K HDR colour grading, shading and QC applications, the BVM-HX310 supports wide colour gamut including DCI P3, ITU R BT.2020, S Gamut3.Cine and S Gamut3. The advanced performance of the TRIMASTER HX panel enables the BVM-HX310 to achieve 1,000 nits of full-screen brightness with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. With consistent and faithful colour reproduction over the entire luminance range, it is an excellent tool for digital cinematography and post production workflows. In addition, the BVM-HX310 has useful functions like User LUT, Quad View and automatic HDR setting by VPID for various workflows.

  • Xperia™ smartphone

Sony’s Xperia 1 is 4K OLED smartphone with a 21:9 CinemaWide™ 6.5” display. Creator mode (ITU-R BT.2020 support and 10bit[1] tonal gradation) is inspired by Sony’s Master Monitors for accurate colour reproduction. Cinema Pro, “Powered by CineAlta”, provides natural cinematic shooting experience with expression-based colour management pre-sets.

  • LMD-A240, LMD-A220, LMD-A170 Professional monitors

Version 3 firmware for LMD-A240, LMD-A220 and LMD-A170 offers HDR production enhancements, supporting multiple EOTFs such as SMPTE ST 2084(PQ), ITU-R BT.2100(HLG), S-Log2, S-Log3, S-Log 3(Live HDR) and 2.4(HDR).

Switching EOTFs, maximum brightness is automatically set.  Already supporting ITU-R BT. 2020, the monitors are capable of accurate colour reproduction in HDR with lower cost than conventional 4K HDR monitors.

News and Documentary production- New style and new expression

  • CBK-FS7BK ENG-Style Build-up Kit for FS7 and FS7ll

Sony’s popular PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7II XDCAM camcorders will be optimised for news gathering with the new CBK-FS7BK ENG-Style build-up kit and an LA-EB1, B4 lens to E mount adapter. The build-up kit enables ENG-like operator experience, while the LA-EB1 allows operators to shoot deep Depth of Field (DoF) with the high zoom ratio necessary for traditional news production. The build-up kit also features an extension unit with a wireless audio receiver slot and built-in wireless capability that provides advanced network operation for broadcast usage.

  • UWP-D Wireless Microphone systems

With a new compact and lightweight design, the latest UWP-D wireless microphone series offer NFC sync for easy and fast channel setting and support a Multi-Interface Shoe™ (MI shoe) with Digital Audio Interface that achieves high quality sound with low noise for Sony’s PXW-Z280 and PXW-Z190 XDCAM camcorders. The new UWP-D series provides advanced integration with the camcorders for enhanced usability.

  • PXW-Z280 and PXW-Z190 XDCAM handheld camcorders

The PXW-Z280 and PXW-Z190 will enhance their capabilities with Version 3.0 firmware, which includes wireless file transfer with Dual Link connection, file transfer without the need for mobile app and support for MI shoe™ with Digital Audio Interface to enable superior sound and enhanced usability for the new UWP-D wireless microphone series.

Simple but professional quality content creation for broadcast, education, corporate and government 

  • BRC-X400 4K pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera

Sony’s latest 4K PTZ camera, the BRC-X400, is ideal for cost-efficient content creation, including broadcast applications, as well as shooting in large venues. The camera supports IP and is equipped with NDI®|HX capability with an optional license. It can be used in conjunction with REA-C1000, Sony’s first AI-based video analytic solution.

  • HXR-MC88 HD palm-sized camcorder

The cost-effective HXR-MC88 palm-size camcorder that captures professional quality HD content, responds to the growing demands for video content in various scenes including education, corporate and government environments. With a large 14.2 megapixel 1.0-type stacked Exmor RS CMOS sensor, users can capture high-quality images with less noise – in light and dark conditions. The camera also features a Fast Hybrid Auto Focus system for seamlessly capturing motion. Additional highlights include built-in 4 step ND filters and 12x optical zoom, which can be doubled to 24x with Clear Image Zoom while maintaining full resolution using Super Resolution Technology and 48x zoom with Sony’s Digital Extender.

New technology for 4K recording

  • PZW-4000 4K XAVC Recorder

The PZW-4000 4K XAVC recorder supports XAVC-L422 QFHD 200 recording/playback along with XAVC-I QFHD 300. It allows for direct playout from SxS memory cards without ingesting media into an internal SSD, in addition to simultaneous recording to the internal SSD and SxS card. A VTR-like, simple control panel is included, providing professional users easy-to-control operations.

  • SxS Memory Card and Reader/Writer

The SBP-120F (120GB) and SBP-240F (240GB) are the latest additions to Sony’s durable and reliable SxS PRO X Card line-up. Offering ultra-fast transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps and enabling stable capture of high bit rate content, the new reader/writer, when used together with SBAC-T40, equipped with Thunderbolt™ 3 interface[2], enables the transfer of 240GB of video content in approximately 3.5 minutes.

[1] 8 bit display with 2 bit software smoothing

[2] Under certification. Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Matrox at NAB 2019 — Product Preview

At NAB 2019 (booth SL3811), Matrox® will showcase its full range of award-winning HD and 4K/multi-HD encoders, cutting-edge SMTPE ST 2110 NIC and hardware codec cards, and high-performance 4K IP KVM extenders. 

Debuting at this year’s show is the powerful Matrox Monarch EDGE 4K/multi-HD, low-latency encoder, which will drive both 4K and quad-HD webcasting and remote integration (REMI) workflows. The popular, easy-to-use Matrox Monarch LCS and Matrox Monarch HDX streaming and recording appliances meanwhile, will highlight simple yet robust lecture capture and social media broadcasting, respectively. OEMs will also have the opportunity to learn about the newest developer products featuring unprecedented multi-channel support, including the high-density Matrox DSX LE5 SMPTE ST 2110 25 GbE NIC cards for COTS IP solutions, and the Matrox M264 S4 card—the world’s only four-channel 4Kp60 Sony® XAVC solution to enable multi-channel 4K workflows in PC-based video production servers and 4K instant replay systems. In addition, the Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders will provide seamless extension, switching, and control of multiple post-production systems from a distance, at a mere 5% of the network bandwidth required by the next closest bandwidth-efficient IP KVM extender. 

The IP Showcase also returns to NAB for another year, where Matrox again will be a participant and leading contributor to the advancement of standards-based IP infrastructures. In the IP Showcase Future Zone (booth C12634), the game-changing Matrox X.mio5 Q25 NIC card will be part of a must-see SMPTE ST 2110 educational demonstration, exhibiting real-world implementations of real-time, IP-based professional media applications.

Featured products:
Matrox Monarch EDGE 4K/multi-HD webcasting and remote production encoderFeaturing next-generation 3G/12G-SDI and 25 GbE SMPTE ST 2110 connectivity, as well as versatile multi-protocol support—including RTMP, SRT, MPEG2. TS, and RTSP—the robust Matrox Monarch EDGE 4K/multi-HD encoder will showcase how to take advantage of today’s evolving webcasting innovations. Broadcasters will discover how Monarch EDGE delivers 4K streams at high frame rates of 50 or 60 fps to ensure optimal viewing experiences on any size device. Attendees will also learn how Monarch EDGE can harness the capabilities of online video platforms (OVPs) with multi-camera support like YouTube, which uses the encoder to capture and stream up to four cameras, and allows the viewer to select and/or switch to their preferred camera view.

Matrox Monarch EDGE will also illustrate how to affordably produce multi-angle live events by extending the production studio to any remote location with a standard network connection. Via a live, multi-camera sporting demonstration, the compact, robust, low-power appliance will synchronize and securely deliver remote camera feeds—with remarkably low latency—to either a production system on a standard LAN or a cloud-based destination. Programs destined for web or over-the-top (OTT) delivery can select the 4:2:0 8-bit Monarch EDGE encoder version, while the 4:2:2 10-bit-capable encoder option is ideal for demanding, broadcast-quality productions.

Matrox Monarch streaming and recording appliances

The Matrox Monarch LCS multi-source streaming and recording appliance will exhibit how IT administrators can readily integrate these encoders into today’s most popular open video and learning management systems, and how operators can in turn, easily define profiles for live streamed and recorded lectures by mixing camera and presentation material. The Matrox Monarch HDX dual-channel broadcast streaming and recording appliance meanwhile, will reveal live webcasting made simple by streaming from HDMI or SDI sources to Facebook Live, YouTube, and other OVPs—with multi-camera production value—while simultaneously recording to a second location. 

Matrox DSX LE5 Q25 & DSX LE5 D25 ST 2110 NIC cards
Matrox DSX LE5 Q25 and Matrox DSX LE5 D25 SMPTE ST 2110 25 GbE NIC cards simplify the transition from multi-channel SDI workflows to multi-channel IP workflows by delivering up to four 4K or up to two 4K IP video I/Os, respectively, over 25 GbE networks. Broadcast OEMs can now choose from a variety of SMPTE ST 2110 card options to design the world’s most advanced IP-based, multi-channel 4K broadcast media systems.

Matrox X.mio5 Q25 ST 2110 NIC card with hardware processing
The Matrox X.mio5 Q25 NIC card features multi-channel IP video I/O from HD to 4K—with zero CPU usage—on-board multi-channel HDR conversions, along with motion adaptive de-interlacing, pristine scaling, and powerful compositing engines for high-density 4K video processing. Architected as a video-aware COTS SMPTE ST 2110 NIC card, Matrox X.mio5 Q25 delivers 24/7 reliability and interoperability required of broadcast equipment, while offering the flexibility and scalability expected of IP infrastructures including standard network stack functionality.

Matrox M264 S4 hardware codec cardThe Matrox M264 S4 card supports up to four channels of 4K Sony® XAVC and Panasonic® AVC-ULTRA encoding/decoding in a single-slot card to enable high-density, multi-channel 4K workflows in PC-based platforms. The new codec card can also encode/decode up to 40 streams of HD XAVC Class 100 or XAVC Long 25/50 at 4:2:2 10-bit, or 64 streams of HD at 4:2:0 8-bit, with ultra-low power consumption, in the smallest footprint. 

Matrox X.mio5 12G & DSX LE5 12G I/O cardsMatrox X.mio5 12G and Matrox DSX LE5 12G cards provide multi-channel 12G/3G SDI I/O for 4K workflows, featuring four 12G inputs, four 12G outputs, and four 3G reconfigurable I/O, or 12 completely reconfigurable 3G I/Os. The Matrox X.mio5 12G card also boasts on-board multi-channel HDR conversions along with motion adaptive de-interlacing, pristine scaling, and powerful compositing engines, making it the complete solution for 4K HDR workflows. 

Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extendersMatrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders will deliver exceptional 4Kp60 4:4:4, dual 4Kp30 4:4:4, and 2Kp60 4:4:4 performance over a standard 1 GbE network at unprecedentedly low bitrates. Extio 3 cards and appliances work with COTS network switches, illustrating a scalable and cost-effective


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