EXCLUSIVE! “Legends 1980” – an Aussie TV series by Stan Harrington. Here’s the trailer…

Long time readers of FV^VR and Australian Videocamera before that, will remember we interviewed Stan Harrington back in April 2010. Stan is an ex-pat Aussie made good in Los Angeles.

Back then he was promoting a film called “Creed” among other projects – and now Stan is back!

Yes, he has put together a pilot for Aussie TV called “Legends 80” and although we have only seen the teaser trailer (above), it is bloody funny!

If you were around in the 80’s, especially in Victoria, and Prahran in particular, you will REALLY identify with this!

Stan is now trying to get as much feedback as he can with a view to getting one of the major telly channels to pick it up, so please, have a look and leave a comment below.

For more info on Stan, see www.stanharrington.com

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