Loupedeck CT gets DaVinci update from SideshowFX

One of the best investments I have made over the years is the Loupedeck CT desktop controller which gives me fingertip control over applications such as DaVinci Resolve, Cinema 4D, Spotify, Chrome and more.

Oh I admit, early in the piece there were definite teething issues with drivers, some apps not behaving as they should due to some donkey profile settings and the UI to create your own profiles was not exactly friendly.

But following a few updates later from all involved parties, the Loupedeck CT is now an integral part of my workstation and workflow.

This has been further enhanced in the last few days by a major update from SideshowFX, a Canadian company specialising in customising profiles form the Loupedeck CT and other controllers.

The company just released an updated version of its Da Vinci Resolve package including over 1500 custom made icons and 900 + actions.

To see what you might be missing (and see what profiles you can get for the Loupedeck CT, have a look at the Loupedeck website here and for the SideshowFX custom profiles and icons, see here.


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