Major Adobe Updates

Today Adobe announced a shedload of updates to an equally shedload of products including:

Now to digest all this ourselves is going to take some time, so in the interim, above are links to Adobe’s own blog pages for each to get you up and running.

(Yes I know this is a bit of a cop out, but seriously, there is no only so much oe person can do and there is  a LOT of info here so why simply retype it? But we will be dissecting all the new juices bits over the next few weeks)

One word of warning, we have heard reports that on the Mac platform at least, there are potentially some weirdo things going on with Photoshop with this update.

(Hat tip to Chris Oaten from Insight Visuals for that one. If you want to see the work of a Master of Timelapse imagery, nick on over to Chris’s site and have a gander. You WILL be impressed!))


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