Video Review: DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Gimbal

osmo 2 transparentI am in the process of a video job for a mate of mine. He owns a few chalets down at Augusta in the SW of Western Australia (just past Margaret River where the good wine is grown. (And chocolate, olive oil, gin, whisky and beer too for good measure by the way).

Let’s called him David. Well it IS his name after all, and the location is called Wrenwood Chalets on Cave’s Road, Deepdene if you are interested. Has a website too – .

Anyway, this job entails some SEO work on his website and creating some 360° video and imagery, still shots and aerial drone video to promote and show off the place.

This weekend just past, me and Jacqui popped down there – it’s a 90 minute drive from here – with an armoury of cameras (Panasonic WFX-1 4K video, Panasonic GH5S mirrorless, Ricoh Theta V 360°, GoPro 4, Sony RX0 compact, Karma drone (with a GoPro 5) and a pair of Samsung Android phones).

I also had been sent an Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal to have a play with, a first I admit. Yes, I have had a play with the GoPro gimbal that comes with the Karma drone, but chalk and cheese really.

There was no manual with it, and even the actual unit has no identification other than OSMO, so it took a bit of digging to work out exactly which model I had and how to set it up. It was a bit finicky getting the balances right with the Samsung Galaxy 7 I use, and the operation of the Record button on the unit had me flummoxed for a while until I discovered there is a Bluetooth app for the OSMO / Android combo, and then we were up and sailing.

It’s impressive. Very impressive. For the work I wanted to do inside the chalets, the OSMO Mobile 2 and Samsung 7 made a good pairing, letting me walk around and capture the interior of the different rooms, and the chalet as a whole. A walk around the outside of the circular chalet was also a breeze, and you could look where you were stepping and just let the camera and gimbal do its thing of keeping straight or flowing smoothly around corners.

(The look where you go is important here as Wrenwood Chalets is in 100 acres of pristine bush, and with the start of summer, it is possible there might be a Joe Blake coming out of hibernation, being a bit drowsy, but still mightily pissed off if you step on him).

At AUD$189 (DJI Official Store) this a great buy for anyone who wants to shoot with a smartphone. It’s a shame the design of the OSMO Mobile 2 does not accommodate an action / compact camera such as the Sony RX0, but I guess their new OSMO Pocket is designed to cover that market, albeit with their own camera.

A lot of the retail tech stores such as JB HiFi, Camera Warehouse, Ted’s etc (according to the Intertubes) carry the OSMO range in stock, so if you think you could use one, go and pester for a trial run.

Make a good Chrissy present for yourself too.


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