NAB No Show

It was always going to happen;  last night I got advice that BorisFX and Imagine Products Inc would not be a pareticipant in the year’s annual NAB knees up in Las Vegas.

Today we learned the show itself has been cancelled altogether.

The NAB website has a message on the front page:

“NAB has been monitoring the evolving situation on coronavirus both in the U.S. and around the globe. Due to the public health emergency we are currently facing, we believe that it is not possible to move forward with NAB Show as planned. Please see below for a message from NAB’s president and CEO Gordon H. Smith, along with some FAQs about the decision.”

The letter from the President (no not THAT President, the one mentioned above) goes on to say,

In the interest of addressing the health and safety concerns of our stakeholders and in consultation with partners throughout the media and entertainment industry, we have decided not to move forward with NAB Show in April. We are currently considering a number of potential alternatives to create the best possible experience for our community.”

I have never been to a NAB and after enduring 2 weeks in Las Vegas back in the 80s with a COMDEX show, it is likely I never will (I detest the place), but it is still a shame that after nearly 100 years of NAB it has come to this.

Am I the only one thinking there has been HUGE over reaction to this whole beer virus thing?

“NAB: Where Content Comes to Life”. Hmmm.

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