New AMD Plugins for ProRender engine

AMD today announced several new plug-ins now available for its fast and easy rendering engine, AMD Radeon ProRender, which uses open industry standards to enable creative professionals to produce incredible photorealistic images. These new updates include:

  • Radeon ProRender Plug-in for Autodesk Inventor: A free, downloadable plug-in is now available for Autodesk Inventor, the 3D CAD software for product design and engineering, using the latest rendering standards, USD and MaterialX, and supporting hardware-accelerated raytracing on AMD RDNA 2 architecture-based graphic cards. Autodesk Inventor makes it easy for any user, regardless of experience, to create photorealistic visualizations of designs. For more information and to download Radeon ProRender for Autodesk Inventor, visit the Autodesk store today.
  • Radeon ProRender USD Hydra Plug-in for Blender: Pixar USD is quickly becoming an industry standard, and Blender is equally crucial for 3D software application for designers. With the Pixar USD system, there is now a robust and open way to exchange and assemble data from multiple applications. AMD’s new USD plug-in for Blender includes the Radeon ProRender USD Hydra renderer, and uses the open source MaterialX standard for materials. Visit here to download the plug-in today.
  • Radeon ProRender Plug-in Updates: The new plug-in updates add support for the latest versions of Maya, Blender, and USD, as well a new “RPR Toon Shader” node to create interesting rendering looks. In addition, Radeon ProRender 2 now supports subsurface scattering, refraction absorption, and volume shaders to enable the creation of organic or light-absorbing materials. The latest plug-in updates can be downloaded here.

Radeon ProRender is optimized for AMD Radeon PRO and Radeon RX graphics cards, is built on open standards and works on any GPU that supports OpenCL 1.2 and on any CPU.


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