New Backup and Archive Options to Australia and NZ with UNITEX LTO Drives and Software

Sydney based Adimex, has announced the local distribution of a new product range. The range of USB and SAS LTO drives and software is from Japan-based computer storage company UNITEX Corporation which has specialised in Computer Storage solutions since it was founded in 1990. UNITEX’s primary focus is on offering simple and secure data storage systems compatible and operable across a wide range of equipment and operating systems.

These new USB3.0 LTO drives enable transfer speeds of up to 240MB/sec and support popular backup applications including Retrospect, Acronis Backup, Arcserve Backup, VERITAS Backup Exec, Quest NetVault Backup, etc. They also ship with an easy to use GUI that enables LFTS operation. Both Mac, Windows and Linux are supported.

Priding themselves upon working with a carefully selected list of manufacturers, who create best-of-breed hardware and software solutions, Adimex founder Mark Richards states,“The new product range is extremely innovative, offering a multitude of advantages such as; easy connectivity, time-saving, stress-reducing and remote sharing.”

The product range includes; LT80H/70H/60H USB/SAS, UNITE3X ArchiveLT and UNITEX FASTapeLT. Below is a summary, showcasing the key features and functions of each new product.

Key Features of the High-Speed USB/SAS interface LTO tape drive

UNITEX USB LTO-8 archiving solution is the world’s first USB3.0 interface tape drive that is extremely easy to use and is considered the ideal entry model for backup/archiving in a small-scale environment.

Key Functions of the High-Speed USB/SAS interface LTO tape drive

Seamless backup and archiving from a laptop PC to LTO tape, ideally suited to hardware migration in small-scale environments. Store large amounts of data in one location, saving vital space.

Key Features of UNITEX ArchiveLT Software (Data Archiving Software)

UNITEX ArchiveLT enables high-speed data archiving, generating maximum use of a device’s performance. In addition, UNITEX ArchiveLT provides numerous functions for handling data safely such as; simultaneous archiving to multiple devices, automatic verification after archiving.

Key Functions of UNITEX ArchiveLT

Data archived by UNITEX ArchiveLT is registered in the management information, and it can be searched offline. You can check the contents of data and search your target data in less effort. And you can register up to 15 any metadata for each archived data. For example, you can easily make shelf management for lots of LTO cartridges by registering the location of the LTO cartridge and data’s information in the metadata.

Key Feature of UNITEX FASTapeLT Software (Data Copy Software)

Support simultaneous copy to multiple LTO tapes and secure your data copy by automatically verify function.

Key Functions of UNITEX FASTapeLT

Provides a high-speed copy of large amounts of data such as video data to LTO tape.



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