New Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Update

With version 15 only just out of the door, those eager beavers behind the closed doors of the DaVinci Resolve lab have been working hard and just announced an update to version 15.2.

Whilst point releases are not that exciting usually, this latest carnation of Resolve has a swag of new features and updates:

Key new features

  • Improved Edit timeline performance and responsiveness
  • Support for improved visual animations when editing the timeline on the Edit page
  • Support for a visual keyboard customization utility to find, add and modify shortcuts
  • Support for per-module customizable shortcuts, including module specific actions and context menus
  • Support for showing the currently focused module in the user interface
  • Support for displaying duplicate frame ranges for clips on the timeline on the Edit page
  • Support for cleaning up and flattening video tracks on the Edit timeline
  • Support for adding, editing and exporting custom keyword sets from the keyword dictionary in the Workspace menu
  • Support for option to export gallery stills using the still label name
  • Support for ResolveFX Beauty in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Support for ResolveFX Blanking Fill for portrait videos
  • Support for VCA groups
  • Support for FairlightFX Multiband Compressor
  • Support for FairlightFX Stereo Fixer
  • Support for decoding Panasonic 8K SHV clips in DaVinci Resolve Studio

Add to this a swag of updates and fixes, and here is an update that is in reality in our humble opinion, a bit more than a point one! And of course, astonishingly, the base version (which is still better many fully featured commercial apps / NLEs) is still free for Windows, Mac and LINUX.

Here is a video that demonstrates the latest features.

Download the update from here:



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