New Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019. It’s A Bargain!

Corel has released its latest in its VideoStudio video editing programs, Ultimate 2019, with a whole new bunch of features that one assumes is designed to bellow out loud to all that will listen, “You don’t NEED to speed a bazillion dollars to get a fully featured package. You just don’t. Nor pay subscriptions that make sure you’ll only eat 2 minute noodles for the rest of your life”...

VideoStudio 2019 Ultimate

Michel Yavercovski, senior director of product management for Corel video products actually said, “VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 is known for its video editing environment where you don’t have to sacrifice ease of use for control, and experimentation for speed. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to have fun with their video editing, while creating movies that are uniquely their own.”

He’s eloquent is Michel. Nice chap too; we have spoken at length many times.

We like our description above better though. What you really get is this:

  • New Color Grading: Set the mood and ambience of your video with powerful color correction and adjustment tools. Fine-tune each color with HSL tuning, tone curves, Look-Up Table (LUT) profiles, and more. Use LUT profiles or store your own pre-sets to future clips to reduce redundant workflows.
  • New Custom Transitions: Add excitement to your cuts by using Seamless Transitions to flip, zoom, spin, or whip between scenes by aligning similar colors or objects to create a smooth and artful transition between imagery. Merge scenes so that there’s no discernible beginning or end with new Morph Transitions. Get inspired and create your own, or choose from templates.
  • New Split Screen Video with Keyframes: Add motion or show off multiple videos simultaneously by creating custom split screen layouts with new keyframe-based controls. 
  • New MultiCam Capture™ Lite: Record your screen and webcam simultaneously and bring it all together with the MultiCam Editor. Explore a variety of creative options, including picture-in-picture effects, or swiftly switch between camera angles to add interest and draw in viewers for how-to tutorials, unboxing videos, and more.
  • New Create ‘Tiny Planet’ Effects: Give your audience a fun perspective by converting 360-degree footage into spherical panoramas to create ‘tiny planet’ or ‘rabbit hole’ effects.
  • New Video Editing Shortcuts: Edit your way thanks to new shortcuts and workflow enhancements. Add or remove gaps in the main timeline; use new hotkeys to adjust your clip’s position; seamlessly locate media with new search capabilities and enhanced flow between the library and editor; and enjoy new custom motion flexibility and controls from within the editing suite.
  • Enhanced Mask Creator: Explore new video mask possibilities including text masks – a unique way to add a title or scene transition with a video playing behind it. Try free select masks and easily export videos with transparent backgrounds using Alpha channel. Get closer to the action with new feather setting controls and an improved workspace. Save time on future projects by exporting masks to the Mask Frame library.
  • Enhanced Titling Options: Introduce and tell your story with style. Create stunning titles with motion, text, and graphics, or leverage the enhanced 3D Title Editor to control textures, lighting, motion, and more.
  • Enhanced Premium Effects and Plugins: Amp up your videos with hundreds of premium effects including video stabilization tools, color effects, and plugins. VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 introduces NewBlue Video Essentials V as well as upgrades to popular packages: Boris Title Studio, ProDad, Vitascene V3 LE, Mercalli V4, and Adorage volume 13.

With support for HD, 4K video and capabilities including Stop Motion Animation, VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 is a complete editing toolkit making others many times look a bit ill we have to admit (and have said for a long if you recall).

FastFlick™, an easy slide-show creator; plus burn videos to disc with MyDVD® for VideoStudio, offering a redesigned interface.

The latest VideoStudio offers the ability to switch between an on-board CPU and an independent one like CUDA and innovative Smart Proxy technology ensures faster and smoother 4K editing and playback. Work with smaller file sizes to improve speed and performance – original high-resolution files are retained for export.

VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 is part of the VideoStudio family of products that also includes VideoStudio Pro. For more information, please visit this comparison chart.

Pricing and Availability
Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 is available now in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Suggested Retail Pricing (SRP) is $99.99 (USD/CAN)/ EUR 89.99/ £89.99 with upgrade discounts available. UK and Euro pricing include VAT. To try VideoStudio and learn more, please visit

We are chasing the Aussie price, but expect around AUD$129 max which by any stretch, is a bloody bargain!

We’ll have a “First Looks” review up within a couple of days. First we have to do the 5GB download to get all the goodies (which with our NBN is a largish task I am sure you’ll agree, and may not happen first time (sigh))


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