New DJI Mavic 3?

A very reliable source has given some insight as to the allegedly impending release of the DJI Mavic 3 drone.

And there are some interesting features being suggested including twin cameras – one sporting a ½ “ 12 megapixel sensor and the other a 4/3rd 20 megapixel sensor.

Those in the know say the smaller of the two carries a 160mm telephoto zoom with 15 degree field of view and an aperture of f/4.4. The second is a wide-angle camera with a 24mm lens with 84 degree angle of view and variable aperture from f/2.8 to f/11.

The drone is said to support 5.3K video and in a major departure from DJI’s norm, be able to be charged directly from a USB-C connection. DJI owners will know this is a big deal, getting rid of the need for the DJI proprietary chargers, although we assume one will still be available for external charging of spare batteries.

Flight time is also rumoured to be extended to 46 minutes, an advancement of 15 minutes. A new smart controller will allow high-def imagery over 15kms and have an internet connection via either wi-fi or an LTE dongle.

The expected release date of the Mavic 3 is November this year, and the price is expected to be around AUD$2800 or so.

As we learn more, we’ll keep you posted.


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