New DJI Mic (and a price drop)

DJI has been active the last couple of days. First, we see they have some specials on the MAVIC 3 drone with a 6% saving on its RRP, and then the first announcement we have seen publicly of the new protective case being included ion the price of the Action 2.

Now we hear the company is also getting into the audio market with the announcement of the DJU Mic.

This wireless clip on takes it cues from the popular method of packaging earbuds; that is, it comes in a small case that can also charge it up which is a logical and neat idea when you think about it.

Technically it offers 24bit 48KHz recordings for up to 15 hours (5 ½ hours per session with the charger capable of 3 charges) and a range of around 200 metres (820 feet to be exact according to the specs).

Connectivity is via 3.5mm jack, Lightning and USB-C and sensitivity is controllable from -12dB to +12dB and there is also variable gain. A furry is included in the package along with a few other accessories such as a hot shoe, carry bag and so on.

More information at

At AUD$509 from the DJI store, it ain’t cheap, but you may be swayed by the packing concept which adds a large degree of usability and convenience not found elsewhere. And DJI stuff is damn good you have to admit that.



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