New DJI Upgraded Pocket 2 Arrives. In Sunset White

Apparently named after those gorgeous sunsets, the new beautiful Sunset White color combines hues of pink and purple with crystal white just in time for the “upcoming season” – whatever that is the Northern Hemisphere I assume.

Pocket 2, launched last October as the second iteration of the popular Osmo Pocket, merges creative design and outstanding performance features so creators can easily vlog their everyday lives and create professional-level content.

Weighing only 117g, the new Pocket 2 Sunset White is said to fit perfectly in your light jacket, mini bag or purse, and can capture up to 140 minutes of your wild adventures.

DJI tells me a lot has changed since it released the Pocket 2 last October, with big enhancements on autofocus,
added HDR Video, better tracking and more. Equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, 4K camera, large sensor, and wide lens, Pocket 2 Sunset White captures fantastic image quality in both photo and video modes compared to Osmo Pocket.

The DJI Matrix Stereo system, which consists of four microphones that are strategically placed clear of a hand holding DJI Pocket 2, ensures footage sounds as great as it looks.

Capturing and creating professional-level content has never been easier thanks to the camera’s intelligent pre-programmed modes such as Pro Mode, ActiveTrack 3.0, Slow Motion, Timelapse, Panorama and livestreaming. Simple to use and easy to understand, Pocket 2 Sunset White was built for those creators who want smoother footage than their smartphones offer or want to up the visual appeal of what they capture.

The DJI Pocket 2 Sunset White Combo is available starting today from the and authorized
retail partners. The Sunset White Combo includes a Pocket 2, Mini Control Stick, Cover, Do-It-All Handle, Smartphone Adapters, Power Cable, Wrist Strap and a Sling Strap for accessibility for the retail price of A$699.

Additional details can be found here:


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