New from RØDE, the Thread Adaptor. You NEED this!

Those of us who work regularly with audio, lights, field monitors and the like – anything to do with stands, booms, pole, arms or tripods – will nod knowingly when I say this; the bane of our lives is gadgets and gizmos that will not screw onto said stand, boom, pole, arm or tripod because the thread is wrong.

You’ll have a ¼” screw mount and a 5/8” hole or a 3/8” mount and a ¼” hole. And no, Bunnings does not sell adaptors ‘cause I have tried.

So the email today from RØDE was a welcome one indeed.

The Australian company has released a nifty Thread Adaptor, a universal kit letting you mix and match at will and attach any standard thread to another standard mount.

The Thread Adaptor also features a driver for tightening and loosening adaptors or camera plates and a carabiner clip for attaching it to a keyring, clothing, or a camera or audio bag for safekeeping.

Being RØDE, it’s a premium device made from durable stainless steel and brass with a hard-wearing finish.

At AUD$38, I’d suggest the Thread Adaptor is a must have for anybody into audio, filmmaking, photography and the like. You can buy them at any good camera store (I saw it in Camera House), but I am sure others such as Videoguys, Videocraft etc will also have stock.

We’ll have a real life review of one soon, as we’ll be testing it with a variety of mount types in the near future.


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