New Generation of Camera Sliders

UK based Hague Camera Supports has just announced a new range of Camslide Camera Sliders with several new models, plus a motorised Powerslider which is compatible with all four of the new rails.

The new range includes two low cost camera sliders that offer smooth movement from high quality roller bearings, include adjustable end supports and are supplied in a padded transit bag, all for under £100 ex vat. The new Camslide S600 and S800 offer unparalleled performance for such a low cost, yet professional, camera slider.

Hague Camera Supports were one of the first companies to ever produce camera sliders and the new S600 and S800 honour that history with a traditional style rail but combined with modern day enhancements in performance. Available in a 60cm or 80cm length this Camslide really offers unbelievable value for money.

Alongside the camera sliders Hague have released a new Powerslider system which converts your slider to a motorised unit and is suitable for smooth tracking shots and simple time lapses. The variable speed controller ensures smooth movement and it allows the slider to go from a still position to the desired speed.


The Powerslider has been redesigned and is now easier than ever to attach. It simply screws to the end supports and the drive cable then attaches to the carriage by a small clamp. It is now battery powered and compatible with the Hague Camslide S600, S800, EDGE and DRIVE models.

The Camslide Edge is a carbon fibre slider which combines performance with style in an elegant & lightweight system. With high quality carbon fibre rails and roller bearings it is the next generation of camera slider, lifting the quality of your production to a new level.

The final addition to the range is the Camslide Drive which is also a carbon fibre system but with the ability to automatically pan the camera as it moves along the rail. It basically does everything you would expect from a standard slider, and then more. The auto pan system is a great way of creating additional movement, especially when focusing on a subject.


All four Hague Camslide systems, plus the motorised Powerslider, are available now with prices ranging from just £99.50 ex vat. For full details please visit the Hague website –

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