New Miller range of naked cinematic fluid heads

Miller Camera Support Equipment Pty Ltd. announces the ArtX Naked Series of cinematic fluid heads. Designed to aid cinematic creativity, the new series provides ultimate versatility of shooting configurations and ability to attach industry standard third-party accessories.

ArtX Naked delivers the smoothness and robustness of the larger cinematic fluid heads in a relatively small and inexpensive package aiding high quality artistic work to be delivered at an affordable price. ArtX Naked is a new addition under the Miller Cine Brand umbrella and compliments the CinX series. The ArtX Naked series comprises of ArtX3, ArtX5 and ArtX7 with payload capacities of 8kg (17.6lbs), 10kg (22lbs) and 14kg (31lbs) respectively, all with 16 positions of counterbalance with CB PLUS . ArtX3 and 5 have 3+0 selectable pan and tilt fluid drag positions while ArtX7 has 5+0.

Recent research conducted by Miller identified the need for a derivative of the proven CompassX with features that Cinematographers require,” says Charles Montesin, Director of Global Sales and Marketing, Miller Camera Support Equipment. “This is driven by the arrival of smaller, very high quality, large sensor cameras on the market. These cameras, albeit small, are sometimes used in a stripped- down configuration but at other times they are fully loaded. ArtX Naked offers absolute versatility for multiple configurations for almost every occasion.”

ArtX Naked fluid heads come as a core head enabling the user to choose and fit the sliding platform, pan handle and mounting base, as well as choice from an array of other accessories. “Now, for the first time, users are able to easily customize the fluid head to match their specific needs and re-configure as and when required”, says Montesin.

A choice of two sliding platforms is offered as options, the Versa and the Miller. The Versa (short for Versatile) sliding platform has an impressive sliding range of 105mm (4.13”) and is reversible, when with the Versa camera plate, made by Miller. Other third-party compatible camera plates may be used, in which case the sliding range will be lesser and they may not be reversible. The Versa camera plate is colored burnt orange to identify it from the Miller camera plate. The Miller sliding platform, as opposed to Versa employs the Standard Miller camera plate as used on Air, DS and CX heads, with a sliding range of 60mm (2.36”).

Miller manufactures an array of pan handles with the most popular for ArtX Naked being Cat# 679 and Cat# 696, fixed and telescopic respectively. Most Miller pan handles will fit ArtX however.

ArtX Naked has a flat base which can be mounted directly onto a multitude of sliders; however it may be also fitted with a 75mm, 100mm and 150mm or a Mitchell base adaptor to utilize any tripod you choose to use.

All three heads have two mounting points. Cat#1255 accessory mounting block attaches to these

mounting points enabling magic arms to be fitted via 3/8” and ¼” threads. Cat#1270 accessory mounting block interfaces to Arri fittings via an Arri standard attachment adaptor.

The new ArtX Naked heads incorporate Miller’s CB PLUS enabling technology, which takes traditional counterbalancing a step forward. All 3 models feature 16 positions of counterbalance for fine, rapid adjustment and the side loading base plate enables fast and easy mounting and alighting of camera rigs. The inherent wide payload range of the ArtX Naked series provides maximum flexibility when switching cameras or adding accessories. Its robust construction guarantees a long, low maintenance service-life and low cost of ownership.

The set of fluid heads in this three-option series deliver on Miller’s “right feel” and are backed by a three-year warranty promise that broadcasters, videographers, and cinematographers have come to expect.

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