New Product: EditMonkey for After Effects

EditMonkey is the latest addition to the best-selling MonkeySuite Animation Toolkit from the team of Ebberts + Zucker, distributed by

The latest release generates and sequences complex multi-page animations, saving hours of work with a single click. EditMonkey was designed for a wide range of projects that require transitions from one graphic to the next. These include promos, presentations and lyric videos.

Key Features –

  • Keyframeless and dynamically linked to markers. –
  • Built-in Text Generator that operates on lines, words or letters. –
  • Groundbreaking Colour Label Aware feature to facilitate multi-layered page builds. –
  • Transition in and out: endless builds with one click. –
  • Marker-based Retime feature to make time-remapping adjustments easy. –
  • Marker Sync to automatically retime based on an existing marker layer. –
  • Dozens of ways to add variations between multiple animations. –
  • Automatic Animation option for great results quickly. –
  • Custom Animation settings for more control. –
  • Thousands of motion combinations available. –
  • Flexible workflow to allow for easy post-build changes –
  • Makes quick text animations a breeze –
  • Bonus Marker Ramper. (included with purchase)  –
  • Each EditMonkey page can contain hundreds of animated layers.

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