New Update to MEVO

When the Mevo was introduced, it had no equivalent on the market — an entire production studio in a camera, no external hardware required.

Now, with the latest software update, Mevo is no longer restricted to its pre-defined streaming providers. Now, you can stream to almost anywhere, local or remote, that accepts an RTMP stream. Stream to other CDNs such as Wowza Streaming Cloud, Twitch, IBM Ustream, Microsoft Teams/Stream, Dacast, self-hosted RTMP servers, all in all, your choice of streaming platforms just expanded exponentially.

This new functionality opens up a number of new use cases. Mevo’s facial recognition and wide angle lens make it a great option for:

  • Lecture Recording
  • Corporate Town Hall webcasts
  • Council Chambers
  • Court Proceedings
  • Church and Funeral services

The capabilities of the Mevo Plus camera for your streaming productions are enormous. Route professional microphone setups through your iOS or Android device to maintain professional audio quality. Direct your own virtual multicam productions using the virtual PTZ functions of the Mevo, or set it to Autopilot and let Mevo perform its own directing using voice and face tracking algorithms.

The Mevo Plus camera is available at a list price of $878 inc. GST, and the Mevo Plus Pro Bundle (Camera, Boost battery attachment, case and stand) coming in at $1404 inc. GST. Bring your streaming to the next level with the Mevo camera.

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