New Zhiyun Gimbal. The Smooth 5S

We only found out about this late this afternoon, and so far, with no official press release, details are basic but what we know is:


Upgraded with a powerful built-in fill light and embodying the spirit of Make-It-Real, SMOOTH 5S offers an integrated yet simplified way of filmmaking for everyone. With the classic 3-axis design, you can create inspiring content with no angle limitations. SMOOTH 5S makes your one-man crew.

Key Features

 Orthogonal 3-Axis Structure-Unleash Full Creativity

 Explore more potential with the trustworthy stabilizing performance

 Versatile Movement Collection-Fantastic Vortex Mode

 Magnetic + Built-In Fill Lights-Light Up Your Imagination 

 Two Modes For Cinematic Dolly Zoom Effect

Prices vary from $349 to $449 depending on the combination you buy. We have discovered a website with more info here, and as soon as we get the official release, of course we’ll let you know!

But on the surface, this does look the beans for the serious smartphone videographer we have to say.


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