Nikon / Panasonic leaving entry level market? There is a MAJOR opportunity right there methinks…

I just read an interesting news snippet on an industry site that tells me Panasonic and Nikon have bowed out of the entry level camera market. I personally have seen no official line on this and I get all the press releases, but no matter, that’s not what interested me.

Now it is obvious to blind Freddie (is that allowed these days) that smartphones have overtaken, if not decimated, the entry level camera market. The article quoted some figures, but again, I have nothing official to back those up.

But perhaps these manufacturers (and others) are missing a point…

The cover image that was used showed a pair of colourful Nikon cameras that I would suggest were aimed at the teen market but emblazoned on them both was the word “waterproof”.

This demographic (and its current darling TikTok) is well entrenched in the “fun and fashion” arena and this I am told encompasses sun, beaches and the surf etc.

Perhaps if a bit of lateral thinking was used, camera manufacturers could grab a market right there the smartphone cannot even touch, as of course, sand and water are theaverage  smartphone’s mortal enemy.

GoPros fit naturally in this sphere by their very nature but are expensive in comparison and for the TikTok set, probably “not cool” (But what would know as an old fart). Or turn that around and maybe GoPro could do some advertising and marketing in that area to make ‘em a desirable commodity?

Or perhaps release an entry level waterproof GoPro without all the clever techy bits hidden under the bonnet?

Just a thought…


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