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Just recently I have been getting a lot of “Resolving Host” issues in Google Chrome. And it was driving me mad, slowing everything to a crawl.

I tried all the usuals of rebooting, flushing caches and running the freebie WiseCare 365 app (which is excellent by the way) but to no avail.

For the uninitiated, this error occurs  in the “translation” of the textual web address you have typed into your browser (Chrome / Firefox / Edge etc) or clicked, to its native IP address, and is performed by a gizmo called a DNS server, usually hosted by your ISP.

If this sever’s info is out of date, or running slow, the browser gives the “Resolving Host” error due to the time it is taking.

My fix was to change the DNS server information stored in my modem / router (a DLINK Python DSL-2888 which has bee brilliant just quetly) from my ISP (IPSTAR) to those held by OpenDNS, a company who specialises in this stuff and is owned by networking gurus Cisco Systems (it’s free by the way).

If you know how to get into the guts of your modem to get to the setup information, just change the Primary and Secondary settings to :


and Bob’s your uncle as they say.

If you don’t simply Google your modem’s brand name and model number and make a request like:

“DLINK DSL-2888 Change DNS Setting”

And 9 times out of ten there will be a simple walk through like the one I used at:

As I said, this post is not directly video oriented, but hope it is useful to someone!


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