Of 3D printers, Pocket 2 AND a new model!

The GoPro ecosystem is awash with mounts of all types in order to get the ubiquitous GoPro camera into all sorts of places. Just here I have mounts for bikes, surfboards, car windows, boats, to shoot top down on keyboards for training purposes, head mounts, chest mounts and even a Shnorky mount (for Shnorky the dog).

Other manufacturers have adapted to this by mimicking the “finger” mounting system of the GoPro, but mhy favourite non-GoPro camera, the DJI Pocket2 does not have this luxury.

So being the proud owner of a Flash Forge Adventurer 3 printer, I decided to make one.

It took around 45 minutes to print, and whilts it ain’t pretty, it has that one important ingredent; it’s functional.

Speaking of which, DJI has let slip there is a new model of the Pocket 2 due to arrive shortly. Well sort of as it is a cosmetic upgrade.

Launching on July 9th, the Pocket 2 Sunset White replaces the old grey colour scheme with a vibrant white one. I understand the innards and technology are still the same, but DJI tell me all will be revealed at launch.

Having said that, if you already own a Pocket or Pocket 2 and want to jazz it up a little, have a look at https://www.slickwraps.com/devices/cool-stuff/action-cameras/dji-osmo-pocket.html




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