On The Road Again … Day 2…

Betty’s Jetty, the Panasonic GH5S and 4K

Day 2 saw myself and Jacqui still in Perth. At midday I had an appointment with a specialist surgeon and it now appears at some time in the dim, distant past I have broken this shnoz of mine and hence the breathing issues. Instead of a nice straight line the septum looks like a dog’s back leg.

So, to go under the knife or not … decisions, decisions …

Anyway, today dawned showery and windy with the occasional thunderstorm rattle around the Perth CBD. Around 2pm, it started to clear, so we braved the local CAT bus services to get to the main RAC of WA member centre to grab some maps and information of places between here and Exmouth, our ultimate destination.

For those not aware, the CAT buses in Perth – there are Red, Blue, Green and Yellow CAT buses – are a free system that travel the inner CBD and satellite suburbs in 5 minute or so intervals, stopping at regular locations that are popular or convenient. I have included an image of the various routes to give you an idea of this fabulous service and major KUDOS for Perth City Council for providing it.

cat map perth

If you are ever in the Perth CBD I can highly recommend it.

Once we had the maps, we went back to Miss Maud’s, the hotel we are staying in – and breakfast was on a par with last night’s magnificent smorgasbord by the way – before taking a walk down to the new Elizabeth Quay – locally known as “Betty’s Jetty”.

This caused a bit of a flap when it was announced by the previous Barnett Government, effectively replacing the old Barrack Street jetties and surrounds, and encompassing the famous Perth Bell Tower. But it has to be said, that whilst sections are still under construction, it is a brilliant addition to the Perth CBD and well worth a visit.Perth arch-1 Perth arch-2

We sat at The Lucky Shag Bar and Restaurant for a while enjoying an ale in the emerging sunshine and was amused by a bird – I believe it was actually a shag – standing on the edge of one of the jetty pontoons, occasionally preening itself, between snoozes. A passing egret also dropped in to say hello.

On the way back to Miss Maud’s – aiming to grab our evening meals on the way from one of the many, many and varied cafes, restaurants and fast food places on the way up Barrack and Pier Street – I took some shots and video around the environs of Elizabeth Quay. These were all on the amazing Panasonic GH5S, which has never ceased to surprise me with its versatility.

Jacqui eventually chose Malaysian from an authentic restaurant getting ready for the evening Ramadan meal and claimed it was super-delicious. I settled for the safety of a Hawaiian pizza with mushrooms.

In the morning, we are off to Exmouth / Ningaloo with a stopover for two nights at Kalbarri. See you tomorrow!

Perth arch-4

Elizabeth Quay from David Hague on Vimeo.


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