On The Road Again…

Jacqui and I are off again on a trip to a) have a well-deserved holiday and b) in the process, test out a number of cameras and other devices in the real world.

So what devices you ask.

Panasonic GH5S

OK, the flagship is the new Panasonic GH5S, this time, as against our weekend at the South West TARGA Rally in Manjimup and Pemberton two weeks ago, pushing the video capabilities of what (so far) we have found to be an outstanding model.

RODE Videomic Pro

Second, as a comparison in 4K, we are using a Panasonic HC-VXF995 dedicated consumer camcorder, married to a RØDE Videomic Pro (we’ll also place the RØDE on the GH5S on occasion by the way).

And to test the low end, we have a Panasonic HC-V180 camcorder that shoots in HD, so that those on a lower budget can get the idea and see how a decent camcorder compares to a smartphone for video (in this case it will be a Samsung Galaxy S7). I think you’ll be surprised!

Outside the dedicated camcorder / mirrorless camera area, we have a GoPro 6, a GoPro Karma drone with a GoPro 5 on board, and for our snorkelling and diving expeditions, a GoPro 4 in a housing.

Rounding out the mix, is a Sony RX0 we’ll be using for candid work. Too many people equate the RX0 to an “action camera”, and we want to once and for all, prove it is far, far more than that! It’s resemblance to an action camera is very deceptive.

RODE Wireless Filmmaker Kit

Accessories we have are a Joby tripod, RØDE Link radio mic and a set of filters of different colours and gradients that fit into a universal mounted lens hood mounting to get some effects.

Where are we off to?

Perth Architecture – Shot on Panasonic GH5S

We are driving Jacqui’s Suzuki Grande Vitara 4WD from Quinninup to Perth where I have a specialist’s doctor appointment (nothing serious I assure you) and staying for 2 days at Miss Maud’s Swedish Hotel in Murray Street, and then up to Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef via Geraldton and Carnarvon.

Where we go in between up and back is up in the air at the moment; we have choices of Kalbarri, Monkey Mia, Useless Loop, Denham, Coral Bay and more. With almost 3 weeks to do the return trip (we have a mate Chris looking after Buddy and Shnorky, the dogs, back home), anything and everything is possible but we hope to encompass as much as we can.

Apart from the 2 days at Miss Maud’s in Perth, and probably a day on the way back, the idea is to camp out most of the time, so have the Suzuki full to the brim with tent, sleeping bags, blow up mattress, camp stove, camp chairs, lanterns, fishing gear, eskies, camera bags, tripod, diving gear and more.

The plan is to provide a daily log on this website with links via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram showing what we are doing, what we found, how we did it, the mistakes, the victories, the footage, images and audio, and give an honest precis of how we found each piece of kit.

Stay tuned – and see some of the most stunning country this country has to offer over the next few weeks! And fair dinkum reports on what may be your next camera or camcorder or even accessory.

If you have a request for us to do something with one of the cameras you may be interested to know about, please let us know (and be nice!) 😊

Text me on 0499089034, email via david@auscamonline.com, Twitter via @FVandVR or Facebook also via FVandVR (or Twitter and Facebook using @auscamonline or Australian Videocamera if you have issues).

Miss Maud’s Smorgasbord Selection on Jacqui’s Plate

PS: And this is NOT a paid plug. If you have an opportunity to stay overnight in Perth, Miss Maud’s Swedish Hotel and Restaurant in Murray Street in the CBD is sensational, inexpensive and the smorgasbord dinners and breakfasts are out of this world and brilliant value.



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