Progress Report: DJI Robomaster EP Core building project

10 days I ago I mentioned the DJI Robomaster EP Core that we had been sent. And I said I was going to build it.

So I am. Slowly for sure as time permits, but also making sure I get it right.

To date, we have the Meccanum wheels assembled and the main chassis almost completed. Next are the electronics.

dji progress 2

One thing did catch us out for a few days and this had to do with the wheel building. Each wheel consists of an inner hub and outer hub, a centre hub and gasket affair and 12 of the Meccanum rollers giving the multi-directional capability of the finished product.

dji progress 3

But also listed in the parts, and shown in the assembly video is a Meccanum “wheel mounting plate” and this had me baffled for a few days until I realised it was not a part of the finished model, but instead a “jig” to assist in assembling each of the wheels.

Depending on whether it was a left or right side wheel, the hubs and rollers etc were placed inside this wheel mounting plate and then screwed together before removing.

dji progress 4

Everything else went swimmingly well, I just wish there was some way ofd correlating the parts via a part number against the drawings as against visually identifying them.

More as we continue!

(And this is fun! It has also had the side effect of getting me to start learning the Arduino electronics system which compatible with the DJI Robotmaster EP Core, and then ultimately onto the Flashforge 3D printer from JayCar).



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