Quick Review: Miller Air 75 3001 Tripod – part 1

 Dr David Smith

I’ve been putting my new Miller Air 3001 System through its paces and I’m loving it! I’ll have full details in a complete in a review soon, but there are two really useful add-ons that are a must have in my opinion.

The Miller Air has a 1/4” 20 srew socket on the left hand base of the fluid head. This is designed to accommodate a special adapter called the 2092 Accessory Adapter. It sells for around AUD$45 and fits onto the side of the fluid head with a bolt secured by an Allen Key (supplied).

The adapter is essentially a right angle bend, with a now horizontal 1/4” 20 socket facing upwards. VideoGuys sell a really useful attachment called the SmallRig 2066B Articulating Arm for AUD$21. This is a bit like a miniature Magic Arm and it has a male 1/4” 20 screw at each end. The two threads can be rotated in a ball socket and there’s a strong locking handle in the middle of the arm that locks everything up firmly.

There are all sorts of uses your can now put this rig to, including lights, radio mic units and, in the case I’ve tried, a V-Gear 7” HD monitor. Using my excellent Canon XA-10 camera, I simply attached an HDMI cable to the monitor and positioned it carefully on the right  hand side of the camera. The monitor will pan with the camera as the head rotates but it doesn’t tilt so you need to make sure the camera clears the monitor as you tilt it.

A short HDMI cable helps reduce clutter in this setup and Cable Chick sells a 50cm one for just $10. You may also need adapters to suit your camera and monitor HDMI ports.

Other than that, there are no other issues except the maximum weight on the Miller adapter is 1.5kg.

The simple addition of a screw port for the adapter and the excellent SmallRig arm adds really useful possibilities to this superb tripod.

More to follow when I’ve field tested the whole rig.


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