Red Giant account migration to Maxon

If you are a Red Giant client and using the company’s plugins such as Universe, you should know by now there has been a marriage between Red Giant and Maxon, the makers of Cinema 4D (and we LOVE the products from both of these companies).

Anyway, your existing Red Giant account for buying new product, updating etc is being moved across to Maxon under the MyMaxon moniker. To quote the official missive:

Welcome to the Maxon Family!

In order to provide the best customer experience, on November 9, 2021 we will be migrating your Red Giant account to a MyMaxon account.

What You Need to Know

MyMaxon Accounts:

On November 9, 2021 your Red Giant account with product orders and serial numbers will be transitioned to a MyMaxon account. This adds you to the Maxon ecosystem connecting you to licensing, resources, and invoicing for all your products.

IMPORTANT – What You Need to Do

Setting Up Your MyMaxon Account:

The email you use to log into Red Giant will be transferred to the MyMaxon system. Once the transfer is complete, you will receive information on how to log into your new MyMaxon account for the first time.

If you already have both a MyMaxon and a Red Giant login, please make sure you update your Red Giant account so that it is using the same email as your MyMaxon account by November 5, 2021 (Update Red Giant Account Settings Now) If you do not sync your accounts, you will end up with two different MyMaxon accounts and may have licensing issues.

For more information, please visit the Red Giant Licensing FAQ. If you have questions or need access to legacy downloads, please visit our Support Center.


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