Red Giant, Maxon Are Getting Married

In the “We Didn’t See That Coming But It Makes Sense” department, motion tool / plugin developer Red Giant and 3D software developer Maxon have announced they are getting married!

Or rather, the two companies have “reached a definitive agreement” to “merge under the media and entertainment division of Nemetschek Group. The merger agreement looks to “better serve the post-production and content creation industries,”

That’s how the press release describes it anyway.

In the release, the big wigs from each company had this to say:

This merger is a major milestone, not only for Maxon and Red Giant but also for the design industry as a whole,” said David McGavran, CEO of Maxon. “Our combined technology and knowhow have the potential to progressively reshape the content creation landscape for years to come.”

And Red Giant’s CEO, Chad Bechert seemed to agree:

The combination of our companies is an exceptional fit of people, culture and technology,” said Bechert. “We look forward to working together under a shared vision of how to design powerful and approachable software to serve creative artists around the world.

Apparently, all will be completed in January of 2020 after all the guff of regulatory approval is over and done with. It shouldn’t affect Aussie users too much as both companies are represented here by Sydney based Adimex.

By the way, here at Australian Videocamera our 3D guru Denby Smith has put together a 2 part (so far) in-depth tutorial into using Cinema 4D. If you’d like a copy (which in effect is the last 2 editions of the PDF e-version of the magazine), simply email me at

You can get a trial, fuly working version of Cinema 4D for Mac and Windows from Maxon.


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