Review: BENQ PV270 27″ video editing monitor

Until a week or so ago, I thought I had the best of all worlds with my Dell 27″ all in one PC and its rip snorter monitor.

When I started my journey into video editing back in the last century somewhere, I happily used a coupe of 14″ BenQ monitors and Adobe Premiere 4,2 and above as time went by. Of course I updated both hardware and software over the years, and the Dell, 3 years back, became by far been the best I had used.

Sure, the actual computing power of the Dell sometimes left a lot to be desired, especially in later years with the advent of complex, many layered hi-def tracks and 4K; the beast just ran out of grunt, overheating on anything longer than a 10 minute clip, and shutting down.

But oh that 27″ monitor was bliss!

3 months back, I invested in a new Dell desktop with around 8 times the horsepower, and recently, pre-release, had the opportunity to match this to BenQ’s new PV270 27″ monitor, one they told me that had all these smarts and stuff especially for video producers.

Blimey. They weren’t wrong. Whilst when editing my modest little videos, I might THINK I am Kubrick or Abrams, make no mistake, those REAL personas would be as impressed with this monitor as I am.

It is truly outstanding.

It makes my in-the-past Dell I was so happy with, looks like a VGA IBM PC monitor in comparison. The difference is that great.

I admit many of the built in available tools available and connectivity options are beyond my ken, but I also understand that a full on pro will need a large handkerchief to wipe away the dribble.

I could wax lyrical and describe all of the technical whizzo things to you here, but the good folk at BenQ have it detailed far better than I with a web page at

At AUD$1299 I reckon it is a bargain for what you get. If you don’t believe me, head to a decent monitor vendor who stocks BenQ (and if they don’t carry this monitor they are nuts!) and have a look for yourself. Take a USB or SD card with some sample test video with you. Preferably 4K if you can.

You will be impressed I promise! )Take your credit card too!!)

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