Review: Blackview Airbuds 6

I occasionally get solicited via email to see if I’ll publish an article sent to me describing the latest gizmo or gadget as a “game changer”. 99 times out of a hundred when I ask for a review sample I am refused so of course, I then tell the sender where to go.

Politely of course …

Occasionally though, some do bear fruit and a few weeks later a parcel turns up with something often I had forgotten about.

This happened yesterday when the nice StarTrack driver lady rang the doorbell and had a package in her hands about 10cm square and 4cm high.

It turned out it was a pair if True Wireless stereo earbuds from a company called Blackview.

Hong Kong based, the company also makes a range of smart watches, smartphones and some Android tablets. Interestingly, just about everything bar the tablets is USD$39.95!

Anyway, I didn’t have high hopes for the earbuds, being very spoilt with a pair of Sennheiser Momentum TW2s, but thought I’d give ‘em a crack anyway with some blazing Santa guitar riffs along with (then) a 16 year old Neil Schon on the axe.

Called the AirBuds 6, the Blackview units are very similar in design to Apple’s offering, the Airpods and you could even mistake them at a casual glance.

They weigh a tiny 3.2g, are made of ABS and sport a high gloss polish. One size fits all – there are no replacement pads to change the size for differently constructed ears. They do come in a nifty charging case with a USB-C connector – no cable supplied – and take around 90 minutes to charge giving a 5 hour usage. The charging case is good for 4 charges before it needs recharging the documentation tells me.

The units paired quickly via Bluetooth 5.3 to my PC straight from the box.

Control for volume, next track, and so on is by a specific sequence of taps left and right as is the norm, and there is an inbuilt mic allowing for hands free phone calls.

The sound is not bad at all in reality. I was pleasantly surprised. Sure they are no TW2s, and I didn’t expect they would be, but they are far better than any other ~$50 buds I have used. According to the specs they utilise a 13mm dynamic driver “with the sensitive PU and PEEK composite diaphragm tunes out clear and balanced sound of richer details from powerful treble, soft midrange to deep bass”. 

I’m not sure about the security of them in my ears though. With the Sennheisers’ you need to “screw” them in and once seated they feel secure, and I don’t have any fear of them falling out. The AirBuds 6 are of the half in-ear variety and I don’t have that confidence if I was say, jogging or swimming (they are rated at IPX which means depth of 1 metre).

Would I recommend them? At the price yes. And maybe my thoughts re; their security is unfounded, not being a swimmer or jogger myself.

There is no doubting the audio quality is better than the average, and this alone gives points.

You can order them online and get more information at




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