Review: CAMLIVE Pro Dual HDMI to USB C UVC Video Capture (UC3022)

I have spoken many times of using the Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro for both live streaming and acting as a video mixing station for pre-recorded program creation. But if this is overkill for you, then for live streaming at least, there is another solution that whilst maybe not as elegant, is certainly more than adequate for most.

Coming from ATEN (I wonder if this name is just a coincidence), the CAMLIVE Pro is mixing unit that incorporates with a smartphone, laptop and streaming software such as YouTube Live, OBS, MS Teams, Zoom, Twitch and so on.

Similar to the Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro, the CAMLIVE Pro supports 2 channel video mixing and switching from 4K HDMI sources and input from line level audio devices via both XLR (Cannon) and stereo RCA ports.

A smartphone, laptop or PC is connected using USB in order for the CAMLIVE Pro to communicate with the external world using 1080P or 720P footage.

The Android / iOS app control theoretically at least means you can control your cameras and direct the stream from anywhere.

Built in is chromakey availability letting you swap in and out different backgrounds at will, and you can preview the broadcast via HDMI connectivity.

The unit itself is a pretty unremarkable in appearance. Effectively it is a 150mm square back box with LED indicators on the front signifying the status of the HDMI and audio inputs as well as the Bluetooth link input status. A pull-out handle is there in order to place your smartphone, but this then obscures the indicators, however these are then instead mirrored in the app on the phone.

The rear of the CAMLIVE Pro contains the 2 HDMI camera in ports plus the HDMI out monitor port, a USB Type B connection for laptop / PC connectivity, a 12v power source port, single XLR port and the twin RCA connectors.

There is also a switch to allow display of protected HDCP content and a Kensington lock point.

If you wish to rack the CAMLIVE Pro, included in the box is an adaptor and hardware to let you mount to a Terranex Mini Rack Shelf, or alternatively, a tripod using a standard 1/4” thread which is a nice touch.

Connecting the relevant hardware is a no-brainer; I used a pair of GoPros purloined off my existing Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro setup, and it was only a matter of minutes before I had HDMI connectivity. For audio I used both my Sennheiser MKE600 (using XLR) and my MKE400 to the RCA port (where I need to get a 3.5mm to twin RCA splitter from Jaycar.)

For HDMI monitoring, again my own setup was used with the OSEE monitor brought into the action.

The USB port can be connected to either a laptop or your smartphone by the way and cables are supplied for both USB-A and USB-C.

In part 2, I’ll go through setting up the software and creating a stream to Facebook Live.




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