Review: Canon EOS M6 Mk 2

It’s not often these days a Canon camera passes our door, but last week Canon sent me a new EOS M6 Mk 2.

Being mirrorless, the EOS M6 Mk 2 is halfway between a full on dSLR and a compact. It has its own range of EF-M lenses, but with the addition of an adaptor, can also take advantage of the massive choice of EF lenses available too.

The sensor is a monster; 32.5 megapixel APSC dual CMOS type that can shoot 30fps RAW in a high speed plus burst mode and 14fps RAW continuous with focus tracking.

When shooting video, it shoots 4K 30p either cropped or uncropped and full HD allows 120p for slo-mo. For stabilisation, the M6 Mk2 has both optical and electronic versions.

Wi-fi and Bluetooth are built in letting you control the M6 Mk2 via smartphone or tablet.


If you remember my review of the Fujifilm X-A7 a few weeks back, the biggest black mark in my book was for the lack of a viewfinder. Canon has circumvented this somewhat. Out of the box there is no viewfinder.

On the surface.

Keep opening the package though and tucked away in some bubble wrap is an electronic viewfinder that slots into the top hot shoe, that Canon says also doubles up for accessories such as a Speedlight or external mic. Of course if these are added, then the viewfinder becomes a moot point.

A pop-up flash is mounted next to the hotshoe by the way.

If you chose to use the 3” LCD panel, which in bright sunlight was not too bad I have to say (another one of my pets I admit); this one doesn’t twist and rotate but is top mounted on a Z-bracket letting it lift out and tilt up or down through a full 180 / 45 degrees making it suitable for “selfies” or as mentioned, vlogging.

A dedicated switch has been added to toggle between Auto and Manual Focus which is a nice touch. Under side panel covers are hiding USB-C and mini HDMI ports and audio in and headphone ports.

All other functions and switches are pretty as much as you’d expect as you can see from the photos.


I took the EOS M6 Mk 2 down to the beach on a windy overcast day for a quick test. Straight out of the box and in full auto mode, colours and textures were true, and all things considered as only the internal mic was used, the audio wasn’t too bad (although in the real world you’d add something like a Sennheiser MKE400).

The EOS M6 Mk2 was easy to use, controls were logical and the menu / touch screen system was up to Canon usual top standard.. The only thing I would like, and Canon is not on their Pat Malone in this area, is much better indication you are in recording mode.

The LCD in sunlight wasn’t that good you could easily see the tiny red dot and timecode.


If you are stepping up from a smartphone for photography and want a better than capable camera without going the full hog of dSLR but that will equally be happy as a top-shelf vlogging camcorder, or want a standby camera to supplement your EF lens based dSLR, then at $1699 you’d never call the EOS M6 Mk 2 inexpensive.

But it is damn good, and in my opinion, worth that money and all the functionality and connectivity you could want is there. My review model came with a 15mm – 45mm lens which covers a multitude of sins in photography and videography environments and as mentioned of course the Canon party trick is that huge range of Canon and 3rd party lenses available.

See for more info.


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