Review: Contour Shuttlepro 2

Whenever anyone asks me what my most important tool is when editing, they are more often than not very surprised by my response.

You see, it is not Vegas Pro 16, my editor of choice, or Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve (my second choice but number one for colour correction of course). Nor is it Adobe After Effects, or ProDAD Heroglyph or Mercalli or any other plugins for that matter. Not even Adobe Photoshop or MAGIX Xara is included.

Nope. It is my Contour Shuttlepro 2 that I have been using for more than 15 years now.

The Shuttlepro 2 has speeded up my editing fivefold at least, and allowed me to create a smooth workflow that alternates between the mouse (a Logitech Vertical MX is my mouse of choice due to its superb ergonomics, especially important when you have a buggered right wrist) and the Shuttlepro 2 in my left hand.

mx mouse.jpg

When necessary I can also then use either hand for keyboard shortcuts not programmed in to the Shuttlepro 2.

The attached image shows pretty much what the Shuttlepro 2 looks like, but to do it the proper justice, it needs a further explanation.

The central jog wheel allows fast jogging through clips whilst the inner (chrome) wheel lets you move frame by frame back and forth along the timeline. Each of the top rows, bottom rows and buttons on the side are programmable to your choice of application command.

For example, my top row (for Vegas Pro 16) are set for:

  • Start of timeline
  • Previous marker
  • Next marker
  • End of timeline

The second row is:

  • Set loop region
  • Set Region
  • Set Marker
  • Split
  • Start of next clip

The larger side buttons are Set In point and Set Out point and the bottom 4 are:

  • Pause
  • Play
  • Add to Timeline Before Cursor
  • Add to Timeline From Cursor

Anatomy of an edit -3

From this, you may have guessed that any application can be used with the Shuttlepro 2 and you’d be pretty well right. The driver software (it is USB based) comes with a swag of presets for a variety of applications, and you can either use these, modify them to your taste or start from scratch.

I use mine regularly not just with Vegas Pro 16, but also After Effects, Cinema 4D and DaVinci Resolve to name a few.

At USD$99 it is money VERY well spent. The Contour Shuttlepro 2 works on both Mac and Windows by the way.

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