Review: GoPro Remote for Hero 8, 9 MAX

The test of a user interface is simple. Can it be worked out quickly and easily, and therefore have you up and running with a minimum of fuss if a user manual is not available.

In other words, you have to explore the device itself and work out how to use it, without any outside help.

This was the way I had to learn the new GoPro Remote designed specifically for the Hero 8 and 9 Black as well as the 360° GoPro MAX.

Able to control 5 separate cameras up to 60 metres away via Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, the GoPro Remote is a simple 4 button device and thankfully, doesn’t take a lot to master.

To start, simply make sure your GoPro camera has the latest firmware updates, and then swipe down and left to bring up the Connections menu. From here, choose Remote on the camera.

With the Remote, turn it by pressing the top mounted button and select the Pair option, and within a second or two, all being well, the Remote will pair with the camera and display its name on screen – in my case, Cyberman9 for my GoPro 9 Black.

From here it’s a simples set of combinations of the three buttons (2 on the side and one on the top) to navigate through the camera menu system and using the large front mounted circular button to select.

Not all controls are available mind you. GoPro says that the “most used” functions are catered for including powering on and off, changing modes and shutter control. From our testing, most of things you might want to do on-the-fly were accessible.

All commands can be seen on the small monochrome LCD screen of the remote, even in bright sunlight, and there is the option of mounting the Remote to say, bike handlebars or your wrist with a strap (although ours did not come with one). GoPro says the design of the Remote makes it suitable for use in water down to a depth of approximately 5 metres as well.

Charging the remote is via USB C.

The GoPro remote for Hero 8 and Hero 9 Black cameras and the GoPro Max retails for AUD$129.95 and is available from the GoPro online shop.




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