Review: GoPro Shutter App

I like gadgets. I especially like gadgets that talk to other gadgets making a sort of 3rd “virtual gadget”.

And right now I have found an older gadget I possess will talk to my latest new gadget and this makes me very happy indeed.

The older gadget is my GoPro Hero Black 9 and the new one is a Samsung Galaxy 3 smartwatch. I only recently purchased this after a protracted battle with trying to get a knock off type to work consistently. I finally giving up in disgust at my stupidity at wasting $100 cash and a few hundred more in lost time.

Anyway, I have had the Galaxy 3 for about 2 weeks and explored all the built in features, come to grips with them and decided which ones I want to use on a regular basis such as the pedometer, alert system, heart rate monitor and so on.

Yesterday I was looking through the Galaxy forum and app store when a post caught my attention. It mentioned someone had got their watch communicating with their GoPro 8 via Bluetooth, and with this, they could control shutter speed, ISO, angle, mode, output type, the timers, tagging, resolution and of course record on / off and shutter release.

You can even view images and video stored on the SD card in the camera.

All for a miserable USD$3.29

Have a look for GoPro Shutter in the Galaxy Store. I have no affiliation with the developer at all, but reckon this is brilliant!


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