Review: Sennheiser MKE200 on-camera / vlogger mic

We have said it before and we’ll say it again (and again and again no doubt).

Audio is AS important if not MORE important than the visuals. And so often it is treated as an afterthought – or not thought of at all.

This is especially true for vloggers who fine tune their video and lighting rigs to get the best looking visuals, but then are often let down by muddy, nasty audio usually obtained by the default mic on their video recording system – such as a smartphone (ugh!)

It’s very much a truism that if your audience cannot hear what you are saying they’ll leave poste haste, whereas bad visuals will be tolerated, especially on mobile devices where it is almost expected due to small screen sizes and lower resolutions.

Well now there is no excuse as audio stalwarts and experts in the field Sennheiser has released the AUD$199 MKE 200, a small directional mic designed specifically for DSLR / mirrorless cameras, camcorders and even smartphones.

It is slightly larger than an old-time film canister (remember those?) or if you were born after 1990 or thereabouts, is 69mm x 60mm x 39mm in a cylindrical shape with an integrated cold shoe mount and single 3.5mm mini jack.


It comes with two coiled light blue connecting audio cables, one designed for standard audio (TRS) and the other a 4 pole type (TTRS) for smartphones.

You can get the full specifications here.

There are some nice little Sennheiser-y touches such as the mic jack is a lockable type stopping it being pulled out accidentally while recording and a dead cat wind sock is included as is a carry bag.

You also get a proper written Quick Guide as against having to go online to get a PDF (which I detest).

The quality of the recordings is well up there to Sennheiser’s standards in our test.

At AUD$199 the MKE 200 won’t break the bank and is a very good price to pay for the quality you get, both in the physical build and the quality of the recordings you’ll get.

See for more details and locations of resellers.


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