Review: Sennheiser Momentum TW3 Earbuds

Before I got into video, I was an audio person.  By the standards of kids today, this was over a lifetime ago, back in the 1980s and earlier.

And before that, as an ankle biter my dad introduced me to classical music via a now long lost Reader’s Digest collection of 33rpm records. So while other kids were listening to Elvis, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly, I was playing the 1812 Overture, the Sabre Dance, Ride of the Valkyries and the Firebird Suite on the stereogram.

(Although the Shadows were also obligatory listening and became a part of what I ended up doing 15 years down the track).

My classical music introduction is why, I am guessing, I graduated to Prog Rock in later years with my staple listening in the 70s being Yes, Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake and Palmer, the Alan Parsons Project and Mike Oldfield.

Over the years this has broadened in terms of the actual musicians of course, but the basic Prog Rock thing still stands.

Where do the Shadows come in? My late elder brother Stephen, just as did thousands of others, wanted to be like Hank Marvin. He acquired a guitar and even changed his glasses frames to match and taught himself to play “Hank style”.

Years later, with 4 other like minded aspiring musos, a band was formed in Perth (Western Australia) called Nirvana – way before those other imposters – and became somewhat popular. One of the top 3 in Perth at the time in fact.

And they needed a roadie-cum-sound mixer which is where I came in. I did that full time (except for a 12-month stint as PR for CBS Records, now Sony Music) for 4 years or so. It was only later I ended up at Computer Television writing and directing video scripts.

So yes, audio, and particularly music is something I understand.

Which leads me neatly to the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless (TW) 3 earbuds that arrived yesterday.

I have had a pair of the TW2s from Sennheiser for around 12 months and they are quite brilliant for late night musical listening so nobody else in the house gets disturbed.

If I want to use a full over the ear set of cans for mastering, then I have either a set of Sennheiser HD25s, but if they are in use (others in the household are music composers), I can fall back on the new RØDE NTH-100s which are also very good.

The Momentum TW3s take audio quality for music listening to a whole new level.

If the TW2s are placed against a pair with similar specs at around the $80/pair price range, then it is chalk and cheese

So, if the TW2s are cheese, then they’d be a nice cheddar –  and that makes the TW3s a delicious Gruyere from Switzerland.

The sound quality, using a technology Sennheiser calls TrueResponse, is exquisite and is aided by adaptive noise cancellation, which is a fancy way of saying ambient sound is automatically taken into account and catered for to adjust the audio accordingly.

If you need to bring the real world back into play, a single touch kicks in a special transparency mode.

The audio is not just one way either as each earbud has not one but three inbuilt mics letting you use the TW3s for phone calls or voice assistant access.

A key component is the Sennheiser Control App that communicates with the Momentum TW3s and allows further fine tuning to your taste with presets and an integrated equalizer.

The Momentum TW3s come in a carry case with a charging port, and Sennheiser claim up to 7 hours playing time off a single charge. But the charging case also acts as a battery and placing the TW3s back in the case will top up the juice. The battery in the case will hold 28 hours of charging rime. Full charging time is 1.5 hours approximately.

Charging is either by USB-C or QI wireless-based charger.

In the packaging you also get multiple sets of silicone ear adaptors in sizes XS, S, M and L and 3 sets of “fins” (S/M/L).

$399 might seem like a lot to pay for a set of earbuds, and you’d be right. I am going to be a music snob here and suggest if all you are going to listen to is duff-duff or rap music say, then save your money and go to a $2 store.

If you value high quality audio reproduction, then the Sennheiser Momentum TW3s have no peer that I have yet found anyway.

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