Review: Sennheiser MKE400 Mobile Kit

It seems everyone wants to be a vlogger at the moment. All the cool kids are doing it.


And with everyone having a mobile smartphone, anyone can do it too, relatively simply and inexpensively.

Yep, with a $300 smartphone (or even less 2nd hand), it is possible to warble on about your favourite subject, whether it be the migratory habits of the aardvark or your collection of zygotes, and there is bound to be someone, somewhere who will watch.

Sadly though, one aspect of this is more often than not overlooked, and that is the audio quality of the broadcast. You would not watch a Marvel movie if the sound was echo-y, muffled, distorted or otherwise dodgy, so why should your viewers?

Audio experts Sennheiser, say the remedy is this new release, the MKE400 Mobile Kit

Featuring the well proven MKE400 microphone, Sennheiser has partnered with Manfrotto to add in a quality portable, table top tripod with a metal smartphone mount and coldshoe attachment.

The mic is married to your smartphone via supplied coiled blue TRS and TTRS cables that have locking heads to them and come in a variety of types.

Technically, the MKE400 mic has integrated wind protection and an internal suspension mount to minimise any handling noise. There is also a built-in low-cut filter and you have access to a 3 stage sensitivity switch giving excellent flexibility depending on the environment.

There is also provision in the kit to plug in a headphone and you have audio control for monitoring.

I have been playing with one for a few months now and I am impressed. The system is beautifully built as you’d expect from both Sennheiser and Manfrotto and can easily be packed into a small backpack or camera case so you vlog from just about anywhere.

Sadly, stocks in Australia have been minimal for quite some time, but I understand this situation has recently been rectified, and you can get hold of one (or maybe have a play before buying) at the likes of Videoguys, Rubber Monkey,  and DJCity.

With discounting, expect to pay between $349 and $449.



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