Review: Vegasaur Toolkit ver 4

by Dr David Smith

My favourite and most-used plugin for Vegas Pro has for years been the brilliant Vegasaur Toolkit.

This suite of scripted tools makes a vast range of editing, management and streamlining tasks as simple a one click.

Now Version 4 has been released for just AUD$43.00 for an upgrade or US$80 for a new purchase. This is a major upgrade from version 3 as you can see in the new features list:

  • Improved support for VEGAS Pro 18
  • Many modal dialogs (like Quick Render, Silence Detector, Split Events and others) allow you to interact with VEGAS timeline simply by clicking the Minimize button. For example, if you have selected the wrong events, you can minimize the dialog box, select the events you want, restore the dialog, and run the tool (without closing/reopening it as in previous versions). This is especially useful when you, for example, have changed many options, entered different parameter values, and now find that you have not selected the desired track.
  • Many dockable tools (like Quick Properties, Select Events and others) have “Auto Apply” option that automatically applies settings when the tool window is already open. For example, you can apply Quick Properties by pressing a keyboard shortcut.
  • Added “Filename Tag” option to the following tools: Proxy Builder, Quick Render, Smart Trim, and Replace Media. It provides a more flexible way of naming the output files.
  • Quick Render: New options for rendering timeline selection and selected regions. Added support for Render Assistant presets. Fixed 5.1 audio import.
  • Smart Trim: Removed “Overwrite” option (files are never overwritten). Concatenation file can be added to the timeline.
  • Transcoder: Now you can add each pair of tracks (video + audio) when selecting tracks for rendering
  • Render Assistant: Starting with VEGAS Pro 18, you can pass the rendered file as a first parameter to the selected program. For example, it allows you to automatically upload the output file to your webserver or cloud.
  • Text Generation Wizard:
    • Classic subtitles: new feature to simulate classic subtitles with background
    • Added support for HTML tag <br>
    • “Never Overlap” option ensures that subtitles do not overlap (for example, subtitles downloaded from YouTube often have overlapping timecodes)
    • Added support for time ruler offset when exporting text events to a subtitle file
  • Project Auditor: “Filter” button hides all other types of issues except the selected one. Added some new actions, for example, you can remove all empty tracks in the project, preview unused media (works in VEGAS Pro 18+), find them in Windows Explorer, copy the paths of all unused media files to the clipboard, etc.
  • External Editors:
    • Added ability to replace original media or take after editing a file in an external application
    • With the new “Extract Audio” option, you can extract audio from video files and edit it in the selected audio editor
    • “Extract Image” option will save the snapshot as a PNG file and open it in the selected image editor
    • The processed media files are automatically closed before starting the external application and reopened when returning to VEGAS. This works regardless of Auto Offline feature of Vegasaur or native option “Close media files when not the active application”.
    • “Read Only” setting is intended for use with applications that do not modify files (eg. viewers, media analysers, etc.). Media files will not be closed/reopened, which improves performance.
  • Quick Properties: Added ability to enable and bypass transitions. “Sync Markers & Regions” option allows you to move markers along with events when arranging them on the timeline.
  • Titles&Text: New option for wrapping long text
  • Markers: Several new features and improvements such as “Invert Regions” option, export and import of marker positions to a plain text file, addition of the {EDM} command when converting regions to closed captions, and others.
  • Split Events: Added a new option to delete empty spaces in nested projects
  • Projects History can group all versioned projects (may be useful when using the incremental save feature of VEGAS)
  • Select Events tool can select events by take name, select all events in the same group, and select a track
  • Envelope Points: Added the ability to quantize the positions of envelope points
  • Snapshots: When taking a snapshot, you can also copy it to the clipboard (new setting)
  • Locked Media Files: Lists all media files that are not used in the current project, but locked by VEGAS. It allows you to unlock such files so that you can use them in external applications.
  • Multiple bug fixes and other small improvements

As always, the tools are intuitive to use and customize, your custom settings can all be saved as presets and the archive functions allow you to save your entire project, including nested sub-projects, with all their content, with just one click.  

Having used Vegasaur for more than fifteen years, I can say that it just works superbly and can save hours of editing time because it has been so well thought out. Need to copy Track Motion data to a new clip? One click. Need to restore missing audio? One click and the audio appears in sync in a new restored audio track. Need to import motion tracking data from an earlier project? One click.

There are hundreds of possibilities all neatly grouped into functional categories: Audio Editing, Effects, Media, Project, Render, Timeline, Tools. Plus a list of 45 one-click commands.

So much careful thought has gone into producing this product that at AUD$43.00 it’s a steal! it is definitely the best upgrade you can make to your Vegas system. I regard it as absolutely ‘must have’ software. Well done to the author/s of Vegasaur!




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