Review: XSplit Express Video Editor

XSplit is the video editing software company you may never have heard of. I know I hadn’t until an article about a new editing program on one of the blogs I read regularly caught my eye.

Apparently, the company has been around for more than 10 years, but as they concentrate in the streaming and live broadcast market – an area I have not really gone into in any great length – I am not that surprised I am not aware of them.

In the last few weeks though, it has spun out of its major applications XSplit Broadcaster and Gamecaster a subset of these apps which it has called XSplit Express Video Editor.

Now, if you are expecting another Adobe Premiere, Blackmagic Resolve or Vegas Pro, forget it. XSplit Express Video Editor is strictly import, cut, assemble and export. The example they use as to where it fits into the market place is those who record their gaming and then offer the videos for others to see.

I can also see it being useful for editing tutorials that are grabbed from a screen using tools such as Snagit.

It only works with MP4 files which further limits it and there is no provision for transitions etc.

As the web page for the product states:

  • Effortlessly cut and stitch clips together, no rendering required
  • Have an upload-ready video in seconds
  • Import recordings from any streaming software at a click of a button
  • Incredibly CPU efficient


On the upside its free and available for what the company callas “early access” which we are guessing is a metaphor for “better than beta”. You can get it here.

While you are there, if this area of the market is your bag, there are other apps from XSplit that may be of interest such as the aforementioned Broadcaster and Gamecaster and XSplit VCam, which is sort of like the “chroma key software you have without chromia key” – in other words, it is designed to remove backgrounds without green screening.

Pricing for each application varies according to licence length but a 12 month licence is around the US$60 mark. There are free but limited versions of each as well.

All the relevant details are at

In the next few weeks we’ll be moving back to civilisation ie: will have proper internet access with little restriction, so will be looking at these apps in relation to streaming at that time.





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