Review: GoPro Zeus Mini

When I first heard of the GoPro Zeus Mini I admit I was a little sceptical. An LED light on a small articulated mount for a hundred and twenty bucks seemed excessive to say the least.

Sure it has a clamp AND a strong magnetic base plus the standard GoPro type mount, there are three  different brightness settings and even a flashing / strobe mode. It comes with a diffuser too.


And the USB re-charged battery life at 6 hours (they reckon) is pretty damn good.

But that $120 gnawed at me.

A week later though and I have changed my mind a tad. I had forgotten the difference between what something costs and what it is worth.

In the time I have had it, the Zeus Mini has been used as I crawled under my desk to re-cable what is the bird’s nest of HDMI, USB, power, audio and other bits and pieces plugged into my PC.

It was used in the dark to assist with illumination when changing a wheel on the car.

I even shot a quick video with the Zeus Mini acting as a light source.

Oh yeah and it allowed me to check the steaks on the BBQ last night in the rain (it is waterproof whereas my high power LED light above the barbie is not)

The combo of the swivel base and tilting head mount makes the GoPro Zeus incredibly versatile in a huge variety of circumstances it appears to me.

Whether it is worth $120 to YOU of course is your call, but I reckon you will find a lot of uses for it.


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