RØDE Releases ‘Creators’ Educational Series For Tips On Producing A Compelling Short Film

Australia’s global pro audio giant, releases a new inspirational how-to series for My RØDE Reel 2018: CREATORS.

CREATORS investigates the heart and art of filmmaking, shot during the production of RØDE’s My RØDE Reel “entry” film, BUGGED. Each episode examines a different discipline in the film industry and how each play a critical role in the production of a successful short film.

All 7 Episodes in the CREATORS Series are available to watch for FREE on the My RØDE Reel website: www.myrodereel.com.

The CREATORS series consists of:

Episode 1: The Writer
Dawson Heistad, winner of the My RØDE Reel Scriptwriting Competition.
Dawson shares the importance of storytelling form to convey an idea and how little nuances can help bring a script to life.

Episode 2: The Director
Clara Chong, Director of BUGGED, judge in the My RØDE Reel 2018 Judging Panel and Director/Writer at Main Course Films.
Clara speaks about her journey as a Director and the importance of maintaining a workflow and having a strong vision when creating a film.

Episode 3: The Actors
Jesse Hyde and Callan Colley, actors in BUGGED
Jesse and Callan discuss their rehearsal and preparation process to ensure the best performance and share advice on how to grow in confidence as an actor on set.

Episode 4: The Cinematographer
Ben Allan ACS, Cinematographer of BUGGED and Producer/Cinematographer at Main Course Films
Ben talks about the industry’s current landscape and the importance of using the appropriate tools for the project to most accurately depict what is being envisioned for the film.

Episode 5: The Sound Recordist
Julian Lennox, Sound Recordist and RØDE Audio Content Producer
Julian discusses the importance of great quality sound and how it can make or break a film.

Episode 6: The Composer
Carlo Giacco, Composer of BUGGED
Carlo highlights the significance of music in effectively evoking emotion and setting a scene, and the importance of syncing music and visuals.

Episode 7: The Production Designers
Meaghan Leonard and Helena Sutara, Production Designers and members of the RØDE Team
Meaghan and Helena provide tips and tricks on how to dress a space and how integral the visual design is to the story.

CREATORS was designed to help aspiring filmmakers and anyone interested in pursuing a career in the filmmaking space navigate the complexities of this challenging but rewarding industry.

“Enjoy our new CREATORS series, the insights on offer are valuable for emerging filmmakers,” says Daniel Woodall, Marketing Director at RØDE and Executive Producer of BUGGED. “Challenge yourself and hone your filmmaking craft by entering My RØDE Reel this year. It’s a high traffic forum for your work and you could end up winning some incredible prizes!”

Watch all 7 episodes of the CREATORS series on the My RØDE Reel website: www.myrodereel.com.


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