Sapphire 2019: New Features, New Tools, Even Faster

The newest version of the post-production industry’s most renowned, high-end visual effects plug-in suite is now available! Sapphire 2019 delivers powerful new creative effects to editors, VFX artists, and motion graphics designers.

  • New! Totally reimagined LensFlare and Flare Designer
  • New! PixelSort: Trendy, digital glitch art effect
  • New! WhipLash transition: Majorly amped up swish pan
  • New! Animating Shape Tool inside Builder
  • New! Mocha Essentials workspace with 4 new spline tools
  • New! GPU acceleration = the fastest Sapphire yet

Take a quick tour around Sapphire 2019: the newest release of the legendary VFX plug-in suite. New features include: a totally redesigned Lens Flare Designer, new PixelSort effect, new WhipLash transition, new Mocha masking tools, and more!

For more information, have a look at the BorisFX Website


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