Screenwriting: Advice from 8 of the Best in Australia.

We all like to think we have the next Big Film (or book) inside us just waiting to pop out and be discovered by a famous producer.

Then we’ll be rich and famous and get to sip champers with Craig Daniel or invite Charlize Theron on to your yacht in the Med.

The reality is screen writing (or book writing) is bloody hard slog. I have tried a number of times as has my brother Grame (G M Hague). The difference is as a writer he has been (by Australian standards) quite successful, and while no films have come from his books as yet, it came close a couple of times and I still expect it will happen at some point.

And this leads me neatly on to a piece I just read on the Screen Australia website.

They have interviewed 8 top Aussie screenwriters and asked their thoughts (in brief) and advice on screenwriting and interestingly, what show they specifically liked – worked on or not.

I understand that for our non-Aussie cousins the show names may mean nothing to you (although I am sure you will find many via streaming services and the like and I especially recommend Mystery Road, Total Control, Cleverman and Frayed), the advice given is quite valid to all budding (and even established) screenwriters.

You’ll find the piece in question at :

Oh and if you have never watched the ABC TV (australia) series Bluey, as Molly Meldrum says, “Do yerselves a favour!


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