Sennheiser Mics win coveted Videomaker® News awards

Highly regarded publication Videomaker News recently announced its awards for “Best Microphones for Video Production 2020”  and Sennheiser was right up there gaining the gong for best Lavalier Microphone for the Sennheiser evolution wireless 100-p G4 and another for Best Shotgun Mic for  the Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun.

Of the Sennheiser evolution wireless 100-p G4 Videomaker News praised its sound ands build quality and even touted it as “the industry standard”.

The Sennheiser MKH-416 was also applauded as “industry standard” as well as “built to last” and described as ruggedly built for adverse environmental conditions.

Whilst we don’t use these specific mics at Australian Videocamera (we have MKE 600s and XSW-D wireless Lavs plus the brilliant little Memory Mic (which we just discovered ios 25% off ’til the end of June) if these  units anywhere near as good as the models we  use, then they are indeed deserving of these awards!

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