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Sony unveils new E-mount Cinema lens FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G

Sony introduced a new full-frame E-mount lens, 16-35mm (FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G) to accompany the newly announced PXW-FX9 full-frame format camcorder, offering high optical performance, reliable operability and intelligent shooting functions for professional video creation. Compatible with a wide range of E-mount cameras from VENICE to Alpha™ interchangeable lens cameras as well as the new flagship FX9, the addition of this new lens, optimised for professional video shooting, brings unprecedented creative flexibility for content creators. Sony will further enhance its Cinema Lens line-up going forward.

“Our ongoing conversations with partners and customers have shown that there is a clear need for versatile tools which improve efficiencies and drive greater ROI (Return on Investment). Along with Sony’s “One Mount” solution based on its Alpha series, the flexibility of our new E-mount Cinema Lens series offers content creators greater creative freedom and helps them concentrate to their artistic vision,” comments Anthony Kable, Group Manager Content Creation, Sony Australia.

Lens for a new age of full-frame video shooting

The new lens is compatible with intelligent shooting functions of E-mount system that support and improve Large Format Sensor (LFS) shooting. Paired with the new full-frame format camcorder FX9, the new lens supports fast and accurate auto focus, making it possible to track fast moving subjects while maintaining a shallow depth of field.

Stunning bokeh and corner-to-corner resolution

The two XA (Extreme Aspherical) elements with extreme surface precision of 0.01-micron, together with circular 11-blade apertures deliver beautifully smooth bokeh in every frame. The two XA elements and three aspheric lenses are positioned in a way that effectively reduces field curvature, astigmatism and, in combination with two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glasses, reduces colour distortion. Additionally, floating focus provides outstanding resolution at every zoom position. Nano AR (Anti Reflection) coating drastically reduces flare and ghost phenomenon.

Excellent operability with three independent rings, remote control from the camera, and a detachable servo zoom

The new E-mount lens further offers accurate and precise operability thanks to three independent rings for focus, zoom and iris that content creators can manipulate so they get the exact results they desire. The linear response Manual Focus (MF) feature provides precise manual focusing action. The focus ring with a large rotation angle comes with a distance scale, which makes it possible to quickly and easily set the same focus position during scenes that need to be shot repeatedly.

Used with compatible cameras such as FX9, remote controllers and supported smartphone applications, full-control of zoom/iris and focus can be operated from the camera. This drastically simplifies lens operation and give more opportunities to capture critical moments.

The new range also supports numerous lens accessories to facilitate a variety of different shooting styles. The industry standard 0.8 mod. (32 pitch) gears on each lens ring provides the option to use standard follow focus. Equally, widely-available 115mm diameter matte box and lens support can be used to aid accurate, responsive and precise operability. Additional functions include a de-clickable iris ring, the option to reverse the rotation direction of the zoom ring to be fitted with user’s preference and detachable servo zoom that provides smooth zooming expression.

The new 16-35mm (FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G) will be available from April 2020 onwards.

To learn more about the new lenses, visit Sony stand (A10, Hall 13) at IBC 2019 from the 13th – 17th September. For more information please visit

Sony reveals new line-up of next-generation products, solutions and services at IBC 2019

Sony unveils its latest line-up of new products, solutions and services at IBC stand A10/Hall 13. These include: updated IP Live solutions, two IP extension adapters HDCE-TX30/HDCE-RX30, a flagship FX9 E-mount interchangeable lens camcorder with newly developed Full-Frame sensor for documentary shooting, an E-Mount Cinema lens FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G, as well as the PXW-Z750, an XDCAM Shoulder Camcorder with 4K 2/3-type 3-chip CMOS sensor system with global shutter, and additional models to the DWX series Digital wireless microphone system.

Visitors to the Sony stand will be stunned by a 6K x 3K Crystal LED display system, showcasing breath-taking imagery with exceptional picture quality.

A key highlight will also be the newly-established Intelligent Media Services suite of services and micro-services. These support media companies in transforming traditional supply chains, unlocking more value from content for deeper audience engagement and helping them evolve into more agile organisations.

Pushing boundaries with IP

By working with broadcasters from across the world Sony has developed advanced IP Live Production solutions and has delivered more than 60 IP live studios and OB trucks to customers including Euro Media Group, DPG Media, NEP Australia and SIC Portugal. The updated IP Live line-up continues to drive efficiencies and increase ROI for customers by optimising resource sharing and creating remote production environments.

  • HDCE-TX30/HDCE-RX30 – the two IP extension adapters transform current HDC series of SDI system cameras into IP-enabled cameras with SMPTE ST 2110 interface. Through their compact size, one third of the standard width, the IP extension adapters offer advanced IP Live remote production and resource sharing which create new efficient workflow patterns for existing HDC system cameras.
  • MKS-R4020/MKS-E1620 – two new remote-control panels that further strengthen the reliability, speed and accuracy of commands through Live Element Orchestrator.
  • PWSK-4509 – an optional interface board enabling SMPTE ST 2110 support for the PWS-4500 live production server

Earlier this year, Sony and Nevion AS, a leading provider of virtualised media production solutions, entered into a strategic partnership. Together, Nevion and Sony aim to provide customers with the expertise and the products (both equipment and systems) needed to create tailored solutions for efficient and modern forward-looking live production operations. At IBC, together with United Broadcast, a subsidiary of Euro Media Group (EMG), and CenturyLink, Sony hosts an end-to-end IP Live total solution demo, connecting the Sony booth (A10 / Hall 13) with the Nevion booth (B79 / Hall 1) and an IP remote production studio in Hilversum. The demonstration will highlight the enormous potential that IP-powered remote productions and resource sharing can have for media organisations.

Sony has expanded its live production solutions line-up to include:

  • HKCU-REC55 – an option board for the Sony HDCU-5500, HDCU-3500 Camera Control Units (CCU) offering industry-first on-board recording capabilities. Realtime file transfer to NAS for post processing during recording as well as file transfer to a USB drive, ready to be removed and shared as soon as live production is over. In addition, simultaneous recording of 4K HDR and HD SDR strongly supports “SR Live for HDR” workflow. By using the PWA-RCT1 server control software, it is also possible to control multiple CCUs with the Sony PWS series live production server.
  • HDCU-5000 – a 19-inch 3U full rack size CCU compatible with most current HDC camera system including HDC-5500, HDC-3500, HDC-3100, HDC-2500, HDC-2400, HDC-1700, BPU-4000 and BPU-4500A. The CCU supports all necessary interfaces for 4K and HD production, including SMPTE ST2110 in 4K and HD, as well as maximum 8x 12G-SDI and 8x 3G-SDI output. High Frame Rate (HFR) over IP as well as the ability to record on-board in future (option) will be supported to drive further efficiency in live production system.
  • HDC-5500 – system camera, launched at NAB, is also making its European debut at IBC.
  • RCP-3500 – a remote control panel for studio system cameras with a new LCD panel for improved visibility and the increased number of assignable switches and controls.
  • BVM-HX310 – The upcoming firmware version 1.1 of the flagship 4K HDR reference monitor of TRIMASTER HX supports the Monitor Auto White Adjustment function, which offers software-based colour temperature calibration.

Offering greater creative freedom to content creators

Sony is introducing a number of new products and solutions aimed at content creators, including:

  • PXW-FX9 – XDCAM camcorder featuring a newly developed Exmor R 6K*[1] Full-Frame sensor and Fast Hybrid Auto Focus system with the dedicated 561-point phase-detection AF sensor. The camcorder delivers outstanding content that captures light and shade perfectly, thanks to its 15+ stops of latitude. Building upon the success of the PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7M2, and inheriting its colour science and the Dual Base ISO 800/4000 from the digital motion picture camera VENICE, new camcorder offers content creators greater creative freedom to capture stunning images and represents the ultimate tool of choice for documentaries, music videos, drama productions and all-round event shooting. The FX9 is also compatible with the new UWP-D wireless microphone systems launched at NAB via Multi Interface Shoe™ (MI Shoe) with digital audio interface, incorporating the fast and easy channel setting NFC sync function in compact lightweight design.
  • FE C 16-35mm T3.1 G lens – a new Full Frame E-Mount lens offers high optical performance, reliable operability and intelligent shooting functions for professional video shooting.
  • DWX series Digital wireless microphone system – The third generation of the DWX digital wireless microphone system includes the DWR-S03D digital wireless receiver and the DWT-B30 bodypack transmitter, both available in December 2019. Sony has developed interface compatibility with UniSlot®[2] by utilising DWA-SLAU1, D-sub 25pin adaptor for DWR-S03D, to offer a wideband digital audio solution for location sound recording for movies, dramas and documentaries.

To further expand the operability in sound recording application, Sony collaborates with Sound Devices and AATON Digital respectively, leading companies in audio technology for mutual support of applicable products. The firmware update of DWR-S03D receiver and their mixer-recorders enables the direct audio transmission between both devices, direct monitoring and control as well as scan and setting frequencies of Sony’s wireless microphone system from their mixer-recorder. The new firmware will be available in April 2020 free of charge.

The digital motion picture camera, VENICE, with its recently announced customer-driven version 5.0 firmware and version 4.0, which is now available in the market, will also be on display at IBC.

Getting ready for the future of news production

For those specialising in news productions, Sony is introducing the following new solution:

  • PXW-Z750 – a flagship XDCAM Shoulder Camcorder with 4K 2/3-type 3-chip CMOS Sensor system with global shutter technology for capturing clear and crisp images while negating artefacts such as flashband and rolling shutter distortion. PXW-Z750 offers greater sensitivity, less image noise and wider colour gamut and can record in HD/4K and HDR, as well as support slow motion up to 120fps in HD. To improve workflow efficiency, the camcorder also has a built-in wireless module and is compatible with Sony cloud-based workflow service, XDCAM air. In addition, PXW-Z750 can also be used with the latest DWX series digital wireless microphone system and offers enhanced usability including synchronised power on/off, control by menu settings or assignable buttons and audio information on the viewfinder by wireless audio solutions.

Artificial-Intelligence-based video analytics solution

  • REA-C1000 – an Edge Analytics Appliance, Sony’s first AI-based video analytics solution, is evolved with newly available function with its ver2.0 update such as chroma key-less CG overlay, extracting the presenters and overlaying them onto multiple layered background without the need for a dedicated backscreen or specialist training. REA-C1000 is showcased with latest generation of Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras BRC-X400, SRG-X400 and SRG-X120.

“At Sony, everything we do is driven by our customers and our desire to help them realise their creative vision in the most efficient and streamlined way. Our aim is to provide them with real return on investment and help them make the most of their ideas through our products, services and solutions,” explained Anthony Kable, Content Creation Group Manager, Sony Australia . “IBC is a great opportunity for us to engage further with the wider industry, receive feedback from our customers and discuss what challenges lie ahead for us all. As always, we have a strong line-up of advanced next-generation products, solutions and services being showcased on our stand and we’re looking forward to welcoming IBC 2019 visitors to our stand.”

Sony will be exhibiting at stand A10, Hall 13 at RAI Amsterdam from 13th – 17th September. The Sony press conference is scheduled for 9.30am CEST on Friday 13th September 2019 at the stand and will be streamed live.

For more information visit

[1] 6K oversampling, not capable of 6K recording

[2] UniSlot® is a registered trademark of Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd.


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