Special Vegas Pro 17 Pricing

As many people know, I have a soft spot for Vegas Pro as a video editing package. I was introduced to it w-a-y back when by my old mate Douglas Spotted Eagle when it was owned by Sonic Foundry. This was version 0.9, and indeed, I assisted with some of the earlier manuals and text books on the program (remember “manuals”?)

The Vegas family, which included Sound Forge, ACID and Movie Studio was then bought out by Sony and sold later again to German company MAGIX.

I am still involved with Vegas through its usage of course, but I have also written  tutorials for its sister program, Vegas VR Studio and indeed even now, I am doing some stuff in regards to tutorials and such for Vegas pro 17 on MAGIX.

Anyway, this is a heads up to let you know that during this silly week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, if you felt inclined to have a look at Vegas, there is no better time as you can download the fully working trials and then if you decided to purchase, get some ridiculous pricing on the program which comes in 3 forms – Suite, Pro and Edit, depending on your needs.

The links in order are:

and you can save up to $499 depending on the version (with Suite being the full package including DVD Architect and all the fruit.

Oh and you need to scroll to the very bottom of each of the pages in the link to see the special pricing.

I have advised MAGIX this is not ideal.

(And yes, we do get a small commission on these before you ask 🙂 But I figure as we don’t charge for subscriptions, that is a fair deal, and anyway, doesn’t cost you anything 🙂 And having used and promoted Vegas for over 20 years, it shows I am not a “flash-in-the-pan” with the program’s promotion)


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