Quick Tour: BorisFX Continuum 2023

Anybody who is an editor will probably have – or at some stage had – BorisFX Continuum in their toolkit. Now that ver 2023 has been released, here is a quick tour of Continuum’s latest effects, action-packed transitions, Particle Illusion updates, BCC+Light features, and 250+ curated presets by Nick Harauz.

BorisFX Continuum 2023 Announced

Available for either Adobe, AVID or OFX (DaVinci, Vegas etc) workflows, BorisFX has just announced the 2023 version of Continuum. Long a staple of effects people and editors alike, the latest version adds:

  • BCC+ Atmospheric Glow effect
  • 10 transitions: Wipes, rolls & swishes
  • BCC+ FilmGlow: Secondary glow option
  • Improved Title Studio & BCC+Light
  • 250+ curated presets designed by pros

And more!

All the info and the location to get a trial version can be found here.

Spotlight on The Changed

Discover how Taylor Warren, the post-production supervisor on the sci-fi thriller, used the Boris FX Suite to tackle invisible effects and create the subtle visual language of the edit.

Taylor Warren is a post-production generalist who works in central Connecticut out of a 1940s barn he outfitted with a full post suite. The location sounds both bucolic and like it might be an ideal place to escape The Changed. The sci-fi thriller stars Tony Todd (I cannot see his name without thinking, but never saying Candyman) and harkens back to Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) style movies.

See here for all the details

A thunderstorm and an email. How are they connected? And how do they save you money?

Two things happened overnight that on the surface are not connected but look a bit deeper and they are.

First off, we had a very impressive thunderstorm and lightning display for over half an hour at about 10 o’ clock that sent Dougie Doggie scampering to hide under the nearest table as is his wont.

And later I got an email telling me my subscription to one of the many, many stock footage websites had expired, and did I want to continue?

Now I dunno about you, but at the height of the pandemic, with little else to do at the time, I decided to dig into all the things I had subscribed to and flush out what I didn’t use, was indulgent or just plain pointless.

Frankly I was horrified at how much monthly was slipping through my fingers with little or nothing to show for it. Subscriptions to Netflix (which I hadn’t used for over 18 months), an emergency warning system for my GPS in case of an accident, the aforementioned stock site(s) an SFX site, a few newsletters I never read and more esoteric dross I have forgotten why I even subscribed to were duly unsubscribed and deleted.

All in all I pulled back about $150 a month.

“What has this got to do with a thunderstorm”, I hear you yawn?

Well, most times I had subscribed to a stock or VFX website was when I needed a one-off image or visual effect.  This was usually because I was just too lazy (I kidded myself I was too busy at the time probably) to spend the time and make the effect I wanted using the tools I already had.

And then of course, promptly forgot to unsubscribe before the pay period kicked in after the freebie 10 days or whatever.

Take lightning as an example. You could go and buy an VFX pack for After Effects (assuming you have After Effects) such as those from BorisFX to generate all sorts of light and flare effects and this will serve you very well indeed (we swear by Red Giant modules here by the way).

But if you don’t have that sort of coin and / or don’t have After Effects, you could instead go to www.fxhome.com and download the free HitFilm Express and use its native lightning effect as shown in this tutorial.

My point is that there are lots of ways of creating effects yourself by using freely available resources that cost nothing or at worst, very little.

There are other benefits to this too. Apart from saving money, you get a huge satisfaction in using something you created yourself and additionally, you increase your working knowledge of video making that will be valuable in the future for other projects.

Google’s search engine becomes your very best friend, to use and old cliché!


New version of BorisFX Continuum

In what BorisFX calls “the most comprehensive post-production toolkit ” the latest version 2022.5 is 80 plus new effects, presets and gtransitions. Its available for Adobe and AVID products as well as those NLEs etc that support OFX such as Vegas pro and DaVinci Resolve.

What’s New

  • 15 transitions & 5 creative effects
  • 60+ presets including video glitch, light leaks, and camera shake
  • Up to 35% faster renders on BCC+ effects
  • FX Editor: User-friendly onscreen controls
  • Particle Illusion: 3D model support, text/ mask emitters & more
  • Simplified Mocha masking workflow

If you’re on a subscription or upgrade & support plan, you’ll always have access to the most recent version of Continuum.

To get more details, visit www.borisfx.com


Offer from BorisFX – Get USD$4000+ in Video Creator Resources for USD$166

Here’s your chance to get the full Particle Illusion plugin (multi-host support: Adobe, Avid, and OFX) along with over $4000+ worth of video creator tools for only $166! 

When you purchase the Complete Charity Bundle through our link today you’ll receive 35+ products for less than 57% of the price of just Particle Illusion (normal retail value $295).

You’ll also have access to TONS of timesaving content tools and training resources including stock footage from FilmPac and Triune Digital, Premiere Gal’s Creator Pack, VFX elements, music, and sound effects.

Hurry this sale won’t last long, it ends forever on June 14th at noon PDT.

Click here for more info

P.S. 10% of every sale goes to charity. Shop for a worthy cause! 

Boba Fett: A chat with the artist

Barbra Ho is a digital paint/rotoscope artist currently working at ILM. Her credits include The Book of Boba Fett (Disney+), Eternals (Marvel), and Black Widow (Marvel). Find out how she got her start, what she does to beat creative burnout, and why she relies on Mocha Pro and Silhouette together with Foundry’s Nuke.

Barbra  has worked at Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand and currently works at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) based in Sydney, Australia. She has worked on over 20 visual effects feature films and television series including, Alita: Battle AngelBlack WidowEternals, and, most recently, The Book of Boba Fett series for the streaming service Disney+.

She uses Boris FX Silhouette and Mocha Pro along with Foundry Nuke and Autodesk Maya. Check out her Vimeo channel.

The full interview can be accessed by clicking here.


Interview: Nona Khodai (she worked on the FX for the Marvel series you know …)

Nona Khodai is an LA-based picture editor, who was recently double Emmy-nominated for her work on Marvel’s WandaVision (Disney+). Other editing credits include The Boys (Prime Video), Revolution (NBC), Colony (USA Network), The Strain (FX), and Amazing Stories (Apple TV). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

She uses Continuum and Sapphire plugins inside her Avid workflow.

Congrats on your Emmy nominations (Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie – 2021) for WandaVision! How did it feel to be nominated not once but twice for your work on the wildly popular limited series?

It felt amazing to be nominated. Never did I ever think this could happen. I’ve never been nominated for anything ever, so it was a happy surprise.   

Where are you from and how did you get your start in the industry?

I was born and raised in Southern California and grew up in Orange County up until going to film school in LA for undergrad. I got my start in the industry in a very lucky way. I had a friend email me about a possible temporary assistant editing gig during my winter holiday break of my last semester of undergrad. A friend of his needed to go home for the holidays and needed someone to cover him. So since I lived in LA, I said I’d do it knowing Avid a bit from learning the program at school.

I got a call to come in that next Monday and I was off to the races. I ended up staying longer than those two weeks but then had to leave so that I could finish school. I asked if I could call them when I graduated and they said, absolutely. So I called them in May when I graduated and they had no spots available but then two weeks later they told me, come back temporarily. I ended up working there for almost two years, got my union days, and then a friend helped me find a job on a union film. After that, I just kept meeting new people and kept working, and I haven’t stopped.  

What are your go-to Boris FX plugins and which effect/features do you rely on most?

I use Continuum and Sapphire mainly. I love Continuum’s Motion Blur and Blur effects, and I use the Sapphire’s Shake tool on literally every show I work on. I also tend to use Continuum’s Film Damage and Cross Glitch a lot when temping fast-paced cuts or cuts that need to be jarring. It’s good for helping create ideas that we can then evolve when we hand over to the VFX department.  

For the rest of the interview, click here